GA Event Tracking Code for Product Ratings

If you give visitors the ability to rate your products, you can easily set up an event to track just how often they are being rated. Use the form to build GA Event tracking code for rating products, then add the code to the product rating button to track the event.

Universal Event Tracking Code Builder for an Product Rating

(The name you supply for the group of objects you want to track. We recommend using something like “blog post”):

(Used to define the type of event. We recommend using something like “4 stars” or “like”):

(Optional. You can use this to specify the product being rated.):

(Optional. If you’d like to assign a numeric value to your affiliate link, enter that value here):

(Optional. Select “true” if you want to consider it a bounce when a visitor views one page, submits a contact form and leaves without viewing any other pages.)

Place the following code within the code of your rating button:

It should look something like this for your rating button:

Optional Goal Setup

After you add the product rating event tracking code to your site, you may want to setup a goal in Google Analytics that's related to the event. Follow these instructions to setup the goal.

  1. Login to Google Analytics and click on Admin in the main navigation.
  2. Select the Account and Property where you want to create the goal. Under the View list, click on Goals
  3. Click on the New Goal button, click on the Custom radio button and then click on the Next step button.
  4. Name the goal and select the Event radio button.
  5. Populate all of the relevant goal details (in bold):
    • Category | that matches |
    • Action | that matches |
    • Label | that matches |
    • Value | that matches |
  6. Click the Create Goal button. You're done!