You Too Can YouTube!

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This past Saturday, Stasia asked Kate and myself to speak with her at TWISTER, or Tennessee Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Research. We spoke to a room of about 50 9-12th grade girls who were interested in doing something in a career in technology, most likely because our panel was titled “You Too Can YouTube”. What high school kid wouldn’t want to come to that? The three of us explained to the girls how we came to work in technology, and many of them were blown away by the fact that we got to do so many “cool” things at work and that we were “awesome”. Next year I’m going to work on bottling up their great compliments and carrying them around with me.

During the session, we helped the girls put together two short videos for YouTube which was fun for us all. I think the girls also really enjoyed the notion that you could take what you love to do creatively and spin it into a career, no matter what you decide you want to do. It was a fun experience for us all to speak to the girls, and I encourage all of you out there to participate next year if you can.