Yahoo! and Bing Sitting in a Tree, S-E-R-P-I-N-G!

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Bing and Yahoo Kissing in a Tree
“Hey Jon, have you heard? Yahoo! is now using Bing’s index in their search results!!! What is Raven going to do about it?!?”

Indeed, I have heard. Thanks, of course, to my stringent policy of not living underneath a rock. And, as usual, we do have a plan, mostly.

Our plan is to observe the results over the next couple of weeks. If all (or the majority) of the SERPs match up between Bing and Yahoo!, we will discontinue checking Yahoo! SERPs.

“But wait! What about historical Yahoo! results and the ability to still report Yahoo! results to my clients?”

Fear not, we will continue your ability to report on Yahoo! and will also provide results based on historical data.

Even better, all of the Raven accounts that were tracking results on Yahoo! and had ranking result overages will now see their monthly price go down. That’s because we’ll be using Bing’s results for Yahoo! reporting, and won’t be charging you extra for it!

If all goes according to plan, expect us to roll out these changes before October.

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