“Web Design” Out, “SEO Web Design” In

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I was having some fun with the newly released Google Trends. Out of curiousity, I wanted to see how popular the keywords “web design” have done over the years. To my amazement, there’s been a downward trend for the past few years.

“Web Design”

Web Design's Google Trend Analysis

I then did a search for “SEO” and noticed an upward trend (which I expected).



SEO's Google Trend

It’s my belief that traditional web design is out and that search engine optimized web design is in. I had one more search to do to prove my point. I searched for “seo web design” and what I found was very interesting. This year has shown a large spike in interest for SEO Web Design.

SEO Web Design”

SEO in Google Trends

SEO based web design is the future of thoughtful and effective web development, which is exactly what we do everyday here at Sitening.