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Google Analytics eCommerce Data

Where do I find my eCommerce data in Raven’s Google Analytics section?

Go to the Campaign menu, and navigate to Google Analytics.

Within Google Analytics, you will see tables. Of these tables, you can choose Table Content. Once you choose eCommerce, then the data in that table will be based on any eCommerce you have synced up within Google Analytics for that traffic and metric.

If you go into All Referrals, you will see that it remains as an eCommerce metric throughout. The eCommerce data in the table displays with the familiar green/red, win/loss color-coded scheme we’ve chosen for comparison data.

As with anything in Raven, you can report this data in the Reports > Report Wizard section.

Also within this video, I demonstrate how to create an eCommerce Report, but I’ll explain it here.

Click New Report. In the report options, we’ll choose Google Analytics > All Referrals from the sidebar module. Then click the All Referrals tab above the table displayed. This is what allows you to customize the table data.

Google Analtyics eCommerce Report

Again, you will see Table Content. You want to choose eCommerce. So, when you run this report, the content in that table will display your eCommerce data.

And that’s all there is to it!


Raven Tools

Raven Tools helps you create amazing marketing reports that also make you look amazing.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools helps you create amazing marketing reports that also make you look amazing.

  • Jeremy

    So in the Google Analytics section, how do you view the total revenue, conversion rate, transactions and other eCommerce data? There appears to be no place to get an overview of the eCommerce performance for the set time period.

  • Hey Jeremy! When you are in any part of the Google Analytics section of Raven, you can change the table content to Ecommerce and get the data you are looking for 🙂

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