Use the “Healthy Eating” Approach to Link Building

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Despite the latest advances in search engine algorithms, link building remains a strong and viable part of an effective Internet marketing campaign. However, some caution should be taken when building links. For example, building links in bad neighborhoods can get you in all kinds of trouble, while building links in good neighborhoods can significantly boost your organic search rankings (SERPs).

Instead of building links all over the place and expecting a return on your work, I’d like you to ask this question, “did the link I just build contribute anything to the Internet?” If the answer to that question is a resounding “no,” then you shouldn’t expect it to positively contribute to your campaign.

As any nutritionist will tell you, eating healthy food is a lot better than having a large amount of junk food. Take french-fries for instance. If all you consume are french-fries, then you are going to have health problems. Eating healthy on the other hand provides you with the benefits of having the right nutrition your body needs to function in a healthy state (and we don’t want to jeopardize that, right?).

An Internet marketing campaign is no different. Feed it unhealthy links and you’ll end up with unhealthy SERPs. To help get you started on your healthy link building ways, I’ve listed five link building articles that will get your Internet marketing campaign back into shape:

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