Update: New link monitoring billing

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Last week we announced updates to our link monitoring system. Today, we have updated the usage allotments for link monitoring for each type of Raven account.

Previously, you could select individual link records to be checked once a month; billing was based on the maximum number of links you asked to check in the month. Our new link monitoring system allows more control over the frequency of link checking; billing is now based on the actual number of checks performed within a month.

Updated usage

Here are the updated usage amounts for our different account types:

Solo: 1,000 managed links, 500 checks ($0.01 per additional check)
Pro: 50,000 managed links, 25,000 checks ($0.005 per additional check)
Agency: 150,000 managed links, 100,000 checks ($0.004 per additional check)

Account-holders and admins can track current monthly usage by navigating to Settings > Usage.

An example

How does this all break down? Let’s take a look at an example Pro account.

If you are managing 50,000 link records, and have 1,000 of those link records set to check monthly, you will be well within the usage allotment for your Pro account. If you set those 1,000 link records to check daily within a 30-day period, it will be counted as 30,000 link checks, resulting in an overage of 5,000 link checks. 5,000 x $0.005 = a monthly overage fee of $25.

Again, check your usage at any time by navigating to Settings > Usage.

If you have any questions, please email support@raventools.com.