Stickers Are Great for Internet Marketing

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While most Internet marketers stick to online methods for promoting websites, there are still some offline methods that work well. T-shirts — if you do them well and give them away — can make a big impact with target audiences. The only problem with t-shirts is that they’re expensive to make and distribute.

That’s where stickers come in. People love stickers! They like to put them on their vehicles, laptops and pretty much wherever they can stick them. Stickers are also easy to distribute. Here’s just a few ways you can give away stickers:

  • Conferences or Local Meetups
  • Postal Mail (either with a package or with a simple thank you note to a customer)
  • Retail Outlets (leave stacks on a store counter — with permission of course)
  • Social Networks (see item 2 for delivery)

Although I’ve used a few online sticker printing services, one of my favorite companies is PsPrint. Their prices are competitive and the quality of their stickers are excellent. I recently received an order for Raven laptop stickers and couldn’t be more pleased (that’s the main reason why I decided to write this entry.) Another nice thing about PsPrint is that they give a 30% discount for first time customers (with a maximum discount of $200.) However, to get that discount you’ll have to use the promo code blogger.

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to promote a website offline, you should seriously consider making stickers. Make sure you have an aesthetically pleasing or clever design (which may include the need to hire a talented graphic designer.) Then go and get them printed and distribute the crap out of them!

  • PsPrint is really cool. I have also seen people giving away free pens and bookmarks on B&N and Borders stores. What do you say about those?

  • Jon Henshaw

    @Jeet, I say whatever works! 😀

  • Printed tea Cup or coffe mug is also a great idea ….

  • Last year I give away about 700 pieces of refrigerator magnets that has my website logo on and it wasn’t that expensive though.