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If you’ve ever attended one of our online marketing training classes, then you may recall hearing a trainer refer to our behind-the-scenes wizardry. Today, we’re giving you a look behind the curtain with two new pages.

Raven Software Updates

We just launched a changelog for software updates. Changelog is one of those words used in IT and software development that actually describes its purpose, e.g. a log or record of changes made to a project.

Even the creators of Minecraft have a version history of game updates. We thought it time that the “wizards” at Raven revealed ours.

Everything from bug fixes to feature requests implemented to new features will appear on our software updates page. Here are a few recent examples:

Bug Fix: Google Analytics: Social – The Overview report module showed a blank space instead of a pie chart, if you didn’t have conversion data. Now Raven will skip that section if there is no data.

Feature Request: You can now export contact email addresses to CSV from the Link Manager.

Update: You can now send one-time reports with a “Trackable Download” link and view its history. In addition, the option/link under the gear icon dropdown menu has been changed from “Detail” to “Download History.”

Nice, isn’t it?

Raven System Status

Every once in a while, you might have trouble logging into Raven. Usually, you’ll contact us asking, “Is it just me, or is there a bigger issue?”

Enter our new Raven system status page, where you’ll get a real-time view of Raven’s software, servers and speed. Right now, it looks something like this:


Note that you can subscribe to updates from this page, a nifty little feature of, the service we’re using to bring you this page.

We’re planning to combine the information on these pages into a single, real-time view, but we’re a little busy working on a big project at the moment. We didn’t want to hold back this information any longer.

Bookmark both pages to keep up with Raven software updates and Raven system status. Check back often to see what our wizards have been up to.

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Nicolette Beard

Nicolette is a seasoned marketer and accomplished writer living in Nashville, Tenn. You can follow her on Twitter @nicolettebeard.

Nicolette Beard

Nicolette is a seasoned marketer and accomplished writer living in Nashville, Tenn. You can follow her on Twitter @nicolettebeard.

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