SEO Fox’s New Tool Includes Ability to Export Data to Raven

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As all Internet marketers know, link building can be very tedious. That’s why we built a link management system into Raven, which now includes our new Site Finder and Backlink Explorer. We’re not the only company building useful tools. Recently, David Ogletree created SEO Fox, which helps you do backlink research. We’re highlighting it, because he made their Backlink Report compatible with the Raven Link Manager. You can export results from SEO Fox and import them directly into our Link Manager. David Ogletree took a moment to answer a few questions about the tool and the data it compiles.

Can you talk a little bit about the origin of the tool?

The tool came from my own link building efforts for my clients. All the backlink lists I was getting were full of old data.  Many of the links did not exist.  I was spending a lot of time going through huge lists of competitor backlinks. When I went through the list I had to take out the links that were nofollowed as well.  The list was still huge. I made the tool so that I could break that list up into smaller chunks.  I also made it so I could enter all my competitors and look at a side by side comparison to see why each site ranked where it did.

What information does the tool pull for you?

We are constantly adding new features to the report but right now this is what we show in the report:

  • Raw list of links we start with
  • Total number of links that exist at the time the report was made
  • Unique Domains that link
  • Unique IP’s that link
  • Links from front pages
  • Raw Number of run of site links (we plan to add a list of domains that give ROS links)
  • Links that are not run of site or front page
  • Links to pages that don’t exist (this is for the domain owner to find dead links on their site that have backlinks)
  • All links broken down by anchor text
  • Images
  • URL
  • Keywords
  • Junk anchor text (ex. Click here, read more)

And then all links broken down by website type:

  • Forum
  • Wiki
  • Blog
  • Article Directory
  • Web Directory
  • Social Site
  • General
  • Video Site

Once someone has run a SEO Fox report, how do they go about importing that information into Raven?

We currently offer a download option for each list of links in the Raven file format.

What’s the main thing you would want someone to know about SEO Fox’s Backlink Reports?

That they can use our report to gain more links to rank in Google and that this report works best when you look at more than one of your competitors.

Many thanks to David for including us in his new tool!