We’re back from SES New York—with chocolate!

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Patrick, Taylor, Arienne and I have just returned from a very good week in New York City attending Search Engine Strategies.

If you missed it last week, Arienne did some fantastic live blogging of several sessions of interest: “Panda: The Aftermath,” “Enterprise Level SEO,” “SEO Is Dead, Long Live SEO!,” “Search: Where to Next,” “Analytics RX: Diagnosis and Recovery,, “Social Media Conversion: The Yellow Brick Road” and “Key Points In Launching a Global Website.” My fingers are tired just typing all of that; I’m sure Arienne is still recovering herself.

Russian Chocolate

One of our users gave us the awesome gift of chocolate from Russia! You, kind sir, know the way to a lady's heart.

While Arienne was live blogging, Taylor and I were manning the Raven Tools booth in the exhibit hall.

We’re doing a lot of shows this year, which gives me an opportunity to participate in my absolute favorite thing about my job: meeting Raven users. When you’ve been on the road for weeks, standing and talking non-stop for hours on end, meeting someone who has a big smile on their face and is so enthusiastic about your product can absolutely make your day. And for me it does, time and time again.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to say hello.

Taylor and I will be back on the conference circuit during May, and we look forward to meeting many more of you out there on the road.

  • I hope it was delicious!

    From Russian to English:

    Slogan: With entire family – to any continent.

    Chokolate’s Brand: Alenka