How to Report On Unique Visitors in Raven

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One of our most requested features in the past has been the ability to view and report on unique visitors through Google Analytics.

Good news! That is totally possible in Raven now, thanks to our fancy new custom chart creation functionality. Here’s a guide to reporting on Google Analytics’ unique visitors¬†using Raven software.

  1. First, if you haven’t already, be sure that you’ve authorized your Google Analytics account in Raven. You were prompted to do this when adding your Campaign in Setup Wizard, but if you skipped that step, you can authorize your Google Account by navigating to Campaign > Google Analytics.
  2. Now that you’ve authorized your account, you can create a custom chart. Click the New Custom Chart button at the top of the page.DYK-Unique-1
  3. In the Chart Builder, add a title for your chart and select Visitors from the metrics listing. You may also want to select Unique Page Views and any other metrics (up to six) that you find useful.DYK-Unique-2
  4. Choose a table dimension. This will determine the kind of report that you want to create. Want a keyword report focusing on uniques? Pick the Keyword dimension. More interested in social media? Choose the dimension labelled Social Network.DYK-Unique-3
  5. Click the Preview tab to check out how your new table looks. If you find that the dimension isn’t giving you the information you want or need, you can always go back to the Builder tab to edit it.DYK-Unique-4
  6. Click Save Chart to save your new custom chart.DYK-Unique-6

That’s all there is to it! The new chart will appear in the listing under Custom in Google Analytics and will be reportable in Report Wizard. No more spreadsheets, no more hassle.