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Our No. 1 goal at Raven is to make your life easier.

A big part of that is saving you time when it comes to generating fast and easy reports – something people tell us we’re pretty good at.

But a few things were missing, and you told us about them. So we recently launched three tool updates to bring reporting within Raven to 100%. Now I’m happy to report that every single piece of data in Raven can be included in a report!

Here’s a look at the changes we’ve made to get to 100%.

Competitor Manager

One of our most-requested features? Competitor Manager reporting. Now you can create PDF reports on all Competitor Manager data.

But there’s more! We also beefed up the Competitor Manager a bit, adding Alexa rank, mozTrust, .gov and .edu links, and Whois domain data. And you now have more control over the data you see, including the option to turn data on and off within the table.


Backlink Explorer

Backlink Explorer uses Majestic SEO data to quickly display backlinks from any site you want to search. You can easily add the resulting links to the Link Manager, cutting down hours of link building or PR research time.

We’ve refreshed Backlink Explorer to make it a bit easier to use, and now you can report here, too. Create a quick PDF report from the tool itself, or include the data in a more comprehensive Internet marketing report from the Report Wizard.


Site Finder

You’ve always been able to report on data from Site Finder, another great tool for finding quality links powered by Majestic SEO. But the Site Finder module in Report Wizard now offers more control over what data you are reporting. You can turn columns on and off within the PDF report to focus on exactly what you’d like to report on.


We hope these changes help you do more, report faster and make more money. What else would you like to see? Let us know.

Alison Groves

Alison handles partnerships and community at Zapier.

Alison Groves

Alison handles partnerships and community at Zapier.

  • Don Rhoades

    RavenTools Pwns Us All!

  • Kyle Williams

    Allow me to ADD my own datasets via JSON!!!! please.

    • RavenCourtney

      Hi Kyle,

      I apologize if you’ve done this already, but can you send us this request through our form ( ) and tell us a little more about what you’d like to do? Thanks!

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