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Raven’s gone all in for schema.org, the markup that search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex rely on to help people to find the right web pages.

We’ve developed not one but two free tools designed to help Internet marketers and bloggers make sense of this important development, and we’ve collected all our schema.org blog posts, tool links and resources in one handy post – right here.


Schema blog posts

SEOs, don’t ignore structured data
Raven’s Chief Product Officer Jon Henshaw is the force behind our enthusiasm for structured data and schema.org specifically. In this post, he offers up the reasons he believes Internet marketers ignoring schema.org do so at their own peril.

An SEO’s Guide to Schema.org
In this comprehensive guide, we scour the web for the best resources out there about structured data – from blog posts to videos to slide presentations – and put them together in one easy-to-bookmark document.

The Rise Of Structured Data And SEO
Jon’s post for the PubCon blog offers a thorough look at the origins of structured data and the problems it’s intended to solve.

Summary: Microdata and schema.org on #SEOchat with @RavenJon
Jon was the guest of honor at an #seochat on Twitter soon after schema.org was announced. In this chat summary, he proclaims schema a “game changer” (which we don’t do that often around here) and offers some good examples of schema.org early adopters.

Raven’s free Schema resources

Schema Creator
Raven’s Schema Creator helps designers and SEOs get up and running quickly with schema.org microdata. We picked the six most popular schema types, and then added the most popular item properties to a form. It doesn’t provide you with every possible schema type and item property, but it should give you enough data to help you understand how to enhance or build your own schema types.

Schema Creator WordPress Plugin
The Schema Creator WordPress Plugin by Raven helps you create properly formatted schema.org microdata, focusing on the most popular schemas, including Person, Product, Event, Organization, Movie, Book and Review.

One of the best features of the plugin is the use of WordPress shortcode. Shortcode keeps the schema data from breaking if you edit a page or post in Visual mode. It also enables you to easily edit any part of the schema you create, instead of making you start completely over.