Raven Task Manager and Messages get extreme makeover

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Different types of software can do different types of things, but some universal features are essential for organization and collaboration. Task management and team messaging are two of them.

Today we’re launching a major refresh of our Task Manager and Messages tools. They’ve been completely redesigned, and are fully baked into the Raven platform.

New Task Manager

The new Task Manager uses the same tasks UI we launched with the CRM a few months ago.

Our Task Manager is what we call a global tool, which means it manages tasks for the entire account, not just CRM tasks. That means you can access all your tasks, for all of your campaigns, in one location.

The Task Manager has a new stats bar that lists all of your tasks and tells you how many of your tasks are overdue or due today. Clicking on the number will automatically filter and display those related tasks.

You can also use the advanced filters to refine your search. For example, if you’re in charge of managing your team you can view tasks assigned to others.

Creating and editing a task now happens in a modal window. The new and edit task forms have also been updating throughout the platform. That means creating a task in the Link Manager will bring up the exact same modal form.

If you use Basecamp Classic Todos, those are still supported, too.

New Messages

If you ever used Messages before this update, I would like to offer my apologies 🙂 The UI was clunky and not very user friendly. We set out to fix that with this update.

The first place you’ll notice a difference is on the main System Messages page. Messages are listed in a new table view and include Gravatar images of the person who created the message.

There is also a new toggle to quickly switch between all messages and alerts, messages or alerts only, sent messages, and deleted messages.

The second place you’ll notice a difference – a huge difference – is on the message thread. We completely redesigned the message thread to be easier to read and use.

We added the ability to add team members to existing message threads so you don’t have to start the conversation all over again.

We also converted the new message form into a modal window. This is particularly useful when you create new contextual messages, because you no longer have to leave the page you were on.

In addition to these changes, we continue to support for Basecamp Classic Messages. (We’ll update both tools to support the new Basecamp in the future.) We also updated the tool to automatically delete Alert messages that are older than six months – a feature designed to keep your messages less cluttered.

We hope these changes help you and your team stay on the same page. Take a look and let us know what you think.

  • I have yet to try this, but on the surface Raven is close to potentially eliminating my need for BaseCamp (new) – really some type of file manager is all I’m missing at this point at least for my personal needs and uses – nice update to what’s already the best tool I use.