Update: Google AdWords management, reporting tools restored in Raven

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Good news! Raven Internet Marketing Tools restored three Google AdWords management tools to our platform today at 7 a.m. CST (GMT-6). We also restored all AdWords reporting modules.

The restored management tools are:

  • Ads > Google AdWords
  • Metrics > Google AdWords
  • Insights > Google AdWords

The restored reporting modules are:

  • Google AdWords > Summary
  • Google AdWords > Campaign
  • Google AdWords > Performance
  • Google AdWords > Schedule
  • Google AdWords > Top Keywords
  • Google AdWords > Top Ad Groups
  • Google AdWords > Top Ads
  • Google AdWords > Geo
  • Google AdWords > Search Queries

Why the flip-flop?

As we’ve explained in previous emails and on our blog, Raven turned off these tools and reporting modules on Nov. 14 because we expected to lose access to the Google AdWords API within a matter of days.

We had little time to make decisions and acted in what we thought to be the best interest of our customers. Specifically, we thought it better to turn off the tools proactively (which would give us time to alert you, and you time to make changes) versus having the tools fail to work unexpectedly on an uncertain AdWords timetable (which could cause even more disruption). It was not an easy decision. We’re sorry for the inconvenience it caused.

Since then, we continued having conversations with the Google AdWords team. As a result, the Google AdWords team granted Raven access to the AdWords API through late December. They emailed us Monday evening to let us know. We are still working with them to extend our access long term, and we’re confident those conversations will be productive. That’s why we restored these AdWords management and reporting tools to Raven today.

Just to be clear, this issue has only affected Google AdWords data in Raven, not Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools. In other words, we haven’t lost “Google,” as some customers have thought.

How this affects your Raven account

There are three key things to know.

1. You have not lost any AdWords data. There won’t be any missing data from Nov. 14 until today (the period of time when Raven’s AdWords tools were turned off). That’s because Raven retrieves data from the AdWords API on demand when you ask for it via a tool or report. If AdWords reported data to you during that time, then we’ll be able to retrieve it.

2. You do not have to add your AdWords key to Raven again. Because Raven’s API access is still working, the tokens you authorized with Raven are still active.

3. You may need to update scheduled reports. If you’ve changed your reports since Nov. 14 to delete blank AdWords modules, or if you decided to report what AdWords data you could via Google Analytics metrics, you’ll need to change them back, basically.

I know that this may be a tremendous irritation, but I’ve heard from enough of you to know you’ll be tremendously relieved that you can send month-end reports with your usual AdWords data after all.

Not related, but kinda related

Coincidentally, during this time, Google deprecated the particular AdWords API version that Raven and other developers used. (It was supposed to be deprecated on Oct. 26, but it wasn’t turned off until Nov. 16. See Google’s documentation here.)

The new AdWords API provides volume data for exact keywords only, not broad or phrase keywords. It’s an AdWords API change across the board. It applies to any developer, company or tool provider who uses the AdWords API and has updated to the latest version. This issue isn’t related to the API access conversation Raven has been having with the AdWords team.

Until we can evaluate the new data and reprogram our software, we aren’t restoring our previous standalone AdWords Keyword Research tool. That said, I hope to bring AdWords exact keyword research back to Raven very soon.

How to get help

If you need help, simply email support@raventools.com. Although we’re monitoring comments on this blog post, it’s best to contact our Customer Care team directly with specific questions.

We are emailing a condensed version of this message with a link to this blog post to all Raven account owners, whether they’re active customers or still in trial. Please forward the message (the email or this blog post) to all of your team members or those who are sub-users on your account. We want to be sure that as many Raven users know about this update as possible.

  • Jordan

    Still haven’t gotten a difinitive “why” this happened. What prompted Google to do this to you guys in the first place?

    • When the time is right, we plan to share details about the entire situation.

  • Phil Caines

    This is good news, thanks for the update.

  • Anon

    AAAAAARGH! I didn’t get an email to my account notifying that this was turned back on!!??? The world is ending! I can’t take it anymore!!

    • RavenArienne

      Anon, if you are willing, could you send me information about your email address and account? We’re using a new ESP and I’m spot checking why some didn’t get the email. Email me at arienne@raventools.com if you wish. Thank you.

    • Anon

      Arienne, you guys truly are the best. I got the email. Sorry, its probably in poor taste, but I had to make a joke about how folks were acting in public with your last post on this subject. Its hard enough to lose access and have to tell your clients, it sucks they had to make it worse by screaming at you in the public comments on your blog… Get a grip people.

  • Andrew Kingston

    What about the Adwords Keyword Research Tool? Will we get access to that again? I’m based in Ireland so it is the only way we can research location specific search terms. Without it we will have to manually import keywords. Obviously that isn’t too difficult but one of the reasons I chose to use Raven was to have one tool for everything from research to reports.

    • It’s coming back. However, purely by coincidence and unrelated to this situation, they made changes to the API that went into affect while we had the tool offline. We’re currently recoding it to support the new changes. We’re hoping to have it available again within the next week or so.

  • Sander Schilder

    Very good news.

  • Adam

    This is great news! After testing out 10 other reporting tools (excel and non excel based) I had resigned myself to producing Adwords Reports right from the Adwords Interface. Looks like you have a customer again 🙂

  • Frank Pfabigan

    great news! thank you! ^^

  • Brian Gomez

    Great news…I was very critical of you guys handled the termination of the tools but I am going to give praise where it is due now: THANK YOU!