Raven data integration spotlight: Google Webmaster Tools

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In the internet marketing world, having all your data in one place saves you time and money. Even saving a few precious hours putting a report together can make a big difference.

Raven’s integration with Google Webmaster Tools is just another way we work to keep all of your data in one place, ready to be used or reported at a moment’s notice. Let’s continue our exploration of Raven’s 20+ partners and integrations with a detailed look at how we integrate Google Webmaster Tools.

At a glance

Data integration: Google Webmaster Tools
Category: SEO
What it does: Provides you with detailed information about your pages’ visibility in Google.
Where you’ll find it: Site > Webmaster
What else it connects to: Add keywords to Keyword Manager or research them in Research Central.

Get to know Google Webmaster Tools

A resource provided by Google, Webmaster Tools helps you better understand your website as it relates to Google search and offers insights as to how to improve your site so it can be found easier.

Webmaster Tools allow you to submit a sitemap, checks for your average search position and can even detect whether or not your site has been infected by malware.

Get started with Google Webmaster Tools

To get going with Webmaster Tools, you’ll first need to authorize your Google account within Raven. You’ll be asked to name it for future reference and then you’ll be taken to the main page.

If you’ve already done that, you can select that account from the dropdown.


If you’ve just authorized your account, you’ll notice that it will take a few minutes to access your average position data in the top searches, but you will have immediate access to related keywords, crawl issues, site maps and messages from GWT.

Let’s look at each of the tabs available at Site > Webmaster Tools.


Top Searches

External rankings are becoming less and less accurate and reliable, but Webmaster Tools provides a metric that’s even better: average position, which grabs the average top position of your site on the search results page for that query. This data is great, because it comes directly from Google.

In this section of Google Webmaster Tools, you can view keywords, impressions, clicks, click-through rate and average position. All of the columns can be sorted however you like, and all of this data can be included in a comprehensive internet marketing report.


Related Keywords

The Related Keywords tab lists the most significant keywords Google found when crawling your site, both internally and externally. When reviewed with the Top Searches list, this data provides insight into how Google is interpreting the content of your site.

You can even add those keywords to Raven’s Keyword Manager, or research a keyword in Research Central.


Crawl Issues

Google can detect errors in your site when crawling it, such as pages that 404 or robots.txt files that block Google’s access. Coupled with Site Auditor, examining these issues is a great ways to ensure your site can be found by not only Google, but also by your target audience.



Creating and submitting a sitemap is a way to tell Google about pages on your site that crawlers might not be able to find on their own.

You can submit a sitemap here. Once it’s been accepted, you’ll be able to see any error messages from Google Webmaster Tools.


If you haven’t create a sitemap yet, you can do that within Raven’s Site Auditor.



Google Webmaster Tools provides data straight from Google to assist you in developing the most compliant website possible.

Any messages sent to your Google Webmaster Tools account from Google will also appear in Raven.

Like Crawl Issues, new messages will appear in a red box next to the Messages tab. To view these messages click the link under the Title column. Messages can marked either as read or unread by clicking the gear icon next to each message instance.


Good to know

You can connect as many Google Webmaster Tools accounts as you want for no additional fee. While Site Auditor is not directly connected to Google Webmaster Tools, 10,000 crawled pages per day are included in all Raven accounts.

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