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I’m always surprised when I hear people say, “I didn’t know Raven had _____ data!”

Odds are, if the data is helpful for Internet marketers, we have it from one of our 20+ partners within Raven. A lot of this data is sprinkled throughout the Raven platform in ways both obvious and more subtle.

In order to help you get to know all the different data that Raven contains, I’ll be walking through each of our partners and where you can find their data. First up is Scribe, so let’s get started.

At a glance

Data partner: Scribe

Category: Content

What it does: Analyzes content for structure, keyword prominence and context within your site.

Where you’ll find it: Content > Content Manager

What else it connects to: You can add keywords to Raven’s Keyword Manager right from the suggestions.

Get to know Scribe

Even if you haven’t heard of Scribe, you probably know of Copyblogger if you have anything to do with creating content for the web – it’s one of the best resources around for all things content.

Copyblogger has several great software offerings, including Studiopress for design, Synthesis for hosting and Scribe for optimizing content.

Optimizing content is right up Raven’s alley, so in 2012, we integrated Scribe’s awesome data into our Content Manager.

Get started with Scribe

Per month, Raven offers 20 Scribe analyses for Pro accounts and 50 Scribe analyses for Agency accounts.

Start by navigating to Content > Content Manager and choosing “Add content”.

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From there, you’ll add your content into the fields given: title, the content itself, meta description, tags to help you organize the content on your blog or site, and the keywords you’re focusing on for that piece.

You must have the title, content, and meta description boxes filled out to run a Scribe analysis. Once all three green checkmarks are visible, you can select “analyze”.

Screenshot 2:21:13 10:37 AM

Once the content has been analyzed, you’ll see Scribe data on the right hand side, including tips on enhancing the content’s structure, keyword suggestions from Scribe and tips on how to improve their prominence. You can also add tags and keywords to the Keyword Manager right from the suggestions.

Screenshot 2:21:13 10:45 AM

Also on the page you’ll notice two metrics: Scribe Site Score (say that five times fast!) and Scribe Document Score.


The Scribe Site Score is a score from 0 to 100 that compares the keywords used within the document to those used on your website.

The higher the Scribe Document Score (which also goes from 0 to 100), the better the structure of the document.

Make changes and re-analyze your content until you get as many green checkmarks as you can. Once you’re finished, you can easily publish your content to any WordPress blog you have set up by moving it to Blog Manager, or just store that optimized content within the Content Manager.

Good to know

If you go beyond your allotted Scribe analyses, additional analysis are only $0.27 each.

Also, if you already have a Scribe account, you can easily connect it to your Raven account via API key. This allows you to use the allowances from your own Scribe account instead of from your Raven usage allowance.

Screenshot 2:21:13 1:08 PM

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