Raven Launches New Twitter Tool

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Raven Tools is excited to announce our new Twitter tool, which helps agencies and in-house marketing departments better monitor, manage and report on their Twitter campaigns.

Like Facebook, Twitter has become an important, necessary social network for connecting with customers. We’ve done a lot of secret research and development around Twitter, and have also experimented with a Twitter monitoring module in our Persona Manager.

Based on our research, and the feedback we received from users, we developed a new Twitter tool that helps solve three main problems experienced by agencies and in-house marketing departments:

  1. the ability to easily monitor Twitter activity and influence;
  2. conveniently tweet; and
  3. provide professional Twitter campaign reports to clients and managers.

Insightful Twitter Monitoring

Raven’s Twitter tool monitors your tweets, mentions, followers and even your Google Analytics referrers. The graphs provide insightful multi-layer line graphs and are complimented with comparative statistical data.

Twitter Monitoring Graph

Intelligent Twitter Posting

The Twitter tool allows you to post to Twitter directly from Raven. It supports major URL shorteners, including bit.ly, j.mp, tinyurl and is.gd. You can use bit.ly and j.mp APIs, and you can also set custom GA campaign variables. The tool allows you to schedule tweets and supports custom time zones for publishing.

Scheduled Twitter Posting

View Timelines, Mentions and Profiles

In addition to monitoring and posting tweets, you can also view a full list of account related tweets, including tweets from your public timeline, all mentions and also tweets posted from your account. The timeline and mentions view allows you to reply or retweet directly from Raven Tools. Also, if a message thread exists, you can click on a view thread link that will expand and display the entire thread.

Twitter Feed

Create Professional Twitter Reports

Use Raven’s Report Wizard to create professional, custom branded Twitter reports for clients and managers.

Twitter Report

Twitter Module for Dashboard and iOS App

Use the Twitter module to quickly check the status on your Twitter campaign. The Twitter module is available for the Dashboard, as well as on the iPad and iPhone using Raven’s iOS app.

Twitter Module on iPad

Social Media Tools Webinar Today

From the Persona Manager to social media monitoring including Facebook and the new Twitter tool, learn how to best use Raven Tools to get faster and more effective. Sign up for the Social Media Tools webinar today, August 10, 2010, at 3 p.m. CST.

Note to Existing Users: We will be discontinuing the Twitter module in the Persona Manager. Existing users who have been using the Twitter monitoring module in the Persona Manager will have their data automatically migrated to the new Twitter tool. In cases where our system cannot automatically migrate your data — usually due to special access rights set by the account owner — we will provide you with an easy-to-use migration tool. Also, the new Twitter tool will only be available to Pro, Agency, Enterprise accounts. If you have a Solo account, you will need to upgrade to use the new Twitter tool.

  • Nice follower reporting and dashboard. Looking forward to testing out your new twitter tool.

  • Yes, this all looks like great features included in the tool set, cannot wait to test them out.

  • Like the custom URL shortener, Google Tracking & Scheduler. Nice work!