Raven joins Nashville social media community for Murmuration

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“Why are you based in Nashville?”

It’s a question we Ravens are asked all the time as we travel to cities like New York, LA and Las Vegas for Internet marketing conferences.

We’re pretty used to it by now. Obviously, Nashville isn’t a tech hub like Silicon Valley, nor does it have the concentrated media talent pool of a city like New York.

But there’s no place we’d rather be. Nashville is a city full of creativity, teeming with musicians (and those aspiring to be) of all genres, songwriters, students, entrepreneurs and – increasingly, an Internet marketing scene that’s growing in numbers and power.

In Nashville, Mercury creates apps for brands like Showtime, USA Today and the New York Times. In Nashville, Emma supports the email marketing efforts of 30,000 businesses, non-profits, organizations and agencies. And in Nashville, Raven is building our company for the long haul, with thousands of customers managing their online marketing in more than 100 countries.

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That’s why we’re happy to join Nashville’s growing social media community at Murmuration 2012.* The event, Feb. 8 at the Franklin Theatre, will bring social technology innovators and marketers from Nashville-based enterprises & agencies together to share insights, technologies and strategies.

It’s also the first time we at Raven get to show off what we do in our own backyard.

We’ll be exhibiting at the Bird Bath VIP Dinner & Social Media Technology Expo at Historic McConnell House, where attendees will get hands-on experience with tools by regional technology leaders. Tickets are on sale now for both Murmuration and Birdbath, and we’d love to meet you there!

Nashville is taking flight. Raven Tools couldn’t be happier to join the Murmuration.

* A murmuration is a collection of starlings, where the action of each member directly influences the dynamic of the flock. They’re really pretty cool. See one in action: