Raven integration spotlight: YouTube

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As the content marketing explosion continues, it seems like we’re all starting to pay a little more attention to multimedia marketing with images and videos.

In this installment of the Raven integration spotlight we’re focusing on video – and everyone’s favorite video sharing service, YouTube.

Raven’s integration of YouTube helps you monitor and report metrics on your YouTube campaigns.

At a glance

Data integration: YouTube
Category: Social
What it does: Allows users to upload and share video clips.
Where you’ll find it: Social > YouTube, Metrics > YouTube
What else it connects to: Add an event in Raven’s Event Manager to see the event info overlaid on YouTube metrics graphs.

Get to know YouTube

The third most visited website on the planet (after parent company Google at No. 1 and Facebook coming in second), YouTube allows virtually anyone to upload and share video content across the web.

Get started with YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel you have not yet authorized in Raven, you can do that in a few simple steps. Navigate over to Social > YouTube, and you’ll see a prompt there to connect your account.

Connect YouTube

When authorizing, Raven will take you to Google to connect the account. Make sure you’re signed in to Google with the account associated with the YouTube channel you want to connect – this is especially important if you have personal and work Google accounts or multiple Gmail accounts like I do, seen below.

YouTube Account

Once your account is connected, you’ll see stats for your videos over the last 30 days and a list of all of the videos associated with your channel. On the left, you can see a few options including a link to the Youtube metrics section and toggles to sort and filter your videos.

The blue “monitoring” button is worth a special mention. With Raven’s advanced YouTube monitoring, you can track and report data for up to 10 individual videos, giving you access to historic data. To begin collecting metrics on individual videos, make sure you choose the “monitor” option next to the videos of your choice.

YouTube Monitoring


Once you start monitoring individual videos, you can click on the title of each video you’re monitoring to see individual stats including views, comments, favorites and month-over-month change.

YouTube Stats

To view overall channel metrics, navigate to Metrics > YouTube. This is where you’ll see overall upload views, channel views, subscribers and referral traffic from YouTube.com to your domain (once you’ve connected Google Analytics). And with our newly updated color coded events from the Event Manager, you can quickly see how your efforts are affecting traffic or views.

Event Tracking

Good to know

You can monitor an unlimited number of YouTube channels within your Raven account, and you can monitor 10 videos per channel.

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