Raven integration spotlight: Twitter

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Twitter is one of the best social networks going, but managing it can be a pain if you have more than one account. And reporting? Forget about it!

But now, Raven to the rescue.

Continuing our spotlight on Raven’s 20+ partners and integrations, this week we’ll take a look at the many ways Raven makes Twitter management, monitoring and reporting easier.

At a glance

Raven integration: Twitter

Category: Social

What it does: Broadcasts short, 140-character-or-fewer messages

Where you’ll find it: In a stand-aloneTwitter section (Social > Twitter), combined with other social media sources in Social Stream (Social > Stream) and analyze-able in Metrics (Metrics > Twitter.

What else it connects to: Twitter content also displays via Social Monitor if a matching search is found, and events from the Event Manager overlay on metrics graphs.

Get to know Twitter

Having recently celebrated its 7th birthday, the social media network has more than 500 million users and services roughly 340 million tweets per day. It’s a great platform for sending and receiving news and communicating with friends and followers.

Get started with Twitter

To use Twitter within Raven, you’ll need the username and password of the account you want to connect. When you are adding your very first Twitter account, you’ll see this message:


When you select “Add Twitter account”, you’ll be taken to the Twitter app to authorize your account. If you’re already logged into Twitter you’ll see your username and avatar in the top right corner. Just hit “Authorize app”. If you’re not, add your username and password, then authorize.


Once the account is authorized, you’ll be taken to the Twitter management page. There you’ll see your timeline and some basic metrics. Raven begins storing your Twitter data when you authorize your account, so you’ll see those metrics moving forward.


You can post to Twitter from Raven as well as schedule tweets. You can even add campaign variables to those tweets, so you can see via Google Analytics which content received the best response.


You can also create, save and view Twitter searches and lists.

Social Stream

Once you have a Twitter account connected, you can manage that account side-by-side with any Facebook pages you have connected to Raven as well as any Social Monitor searches you have set up. Raven’s Social Stream allows you to keep tabs on your entire social media presence and interact in real time.



Once you connect a Twitter account to Raven, we begin gathering data on it. These metrics help you quickly gauge whether your Twitter strategy is having the desired effects. When used in conjunction with Raven’s Event Manager, this data can show how campaigns or specific events correlate to Twitter activity and even how much traffic Twitter brings to your site (if you have Google Analytics connected).



The best part about Raven’s Twitter features? Being able to produce a branded, PDF report in less than 10 seconds to show your boss or client just how your time spent is paying off. Kiss those spreadsheets goodbye!


Create a quick report right from Metrics > Twitter simply by clicking a button.


Or go to Reports > Wizard to create a more comprehensive report – even for multiple Twitter accounts.

Good to know

Remember, you can connect an unlimited number of Twitter accounts to Raven. Use them in conjunction with profiles to easily keep all of your Twitter accounts segmented and easy to access.

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  • Man, Raven might be getting my business back. I actually see myself signing back up with them in the very near future. That GWT integration had me thinking about it. But now I’m truly considering coming back to Raven.

    • We’d love to have you back! Since you’ve been gone: New SEO reports, GWT top searches and average position, Site Auditor and a few more new tweaks and features. 🙂