What’s New in Raven? Well Another Whole Product For One

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We’ve had several busy months at Raven headquarters. The fact that this is our first changelog update, and we now have two separate products, may give you a sense of the amount of work that is being done behind the scenes.

First, let me explain this new product.

Standalone Site Auditor

Raven Standalone Site Auditor

1. We built a new standalone Site Auditor

The Site Auditor on our current Platform is one of our most popular tools. After looking at usage patterns and reading customer feedback, it became evident that some of our customers and several potential customers only wanted to use the Site Auditor. We saw an opportunity to not only make a better Site Auditor, but to also make one that more people like pro bloggers, affiliate marketers and SMBs could use. Doing that meant rethinking everything.

We didn’t want to be constrained by the limitations of the current Platform. For example, the only way to make a fully responsive, incredibly fast and more modern tool (in a reasonable amount of time) was to start from scratch with all new technologies. We also wanted to build something radically different from the current Platform version, which meant leaving out things that agency users depend on, like reporting and white label features. That’s why if you’re an agency or SEO pro, the new standalone Site Auditor may not be right for you (yet).

The good news is that if you’re a customer on the current Platform, you’ll be happy to know that you still get to technically use a big part of the new standalone Site Auditor. That’s because the Platform is now using the new crawler we built for the standalone version. That means faster crawling time and more accurate results. It also means that as we add new checks and features to the standalone version, we’ll be able to update the Platform with the same features.

If you’re a customer of our current Platform, you probably still have some questions about why they’re separate and what’s different. That’s why we created this Site Auditor FAQ.

Regardless, we hope you’ll give the new standalone Site Auditor a test drive. We would love to hear your feedback, and who knows, maybe it will be the Site Auditor you’ve been waiting for all along!

Tell Me When It’s Live!


Ok, so what’s new in Raven Platform? We’ve been investing a lot into our core Platform as well.

Here are some of the small tweaks we’ve recently made to the Raven platform to make it better.

2. Color-Coded HTML Analytics Reports

Color-coded marketing reports

Google Analytics tables in Raven are color-coded, so you know at a glance which metrics have increased or decreased since the last period of time. This visual aid is now included when you create HTML or PDF reports with Report Builder.

3. Table Sorting Feedback

Raven sorting table feedback

Previously, when you caused a table to update with new information, we didn’t show an indicator that Raven was fetching data, which caused some people to continue to click on things. Now, when you search a table, sort a column, or view a filter, you see a spinner so you know new data is loading. It’s a little thing that helps users feel in control.

4. Simple Navigation Experiment Concludes

Raven Menu Experiment

In October of last year, we began running an A/B test related to Raven’s navigation. We wanted to see if people found it useful to have fewer navigation options by default with the option of seeing the full list after a click. We learned the smaller navigation didn’t have a big impact on people’s experience, so we kept the original navigation.

5. Connect > Authorize

Connect vs authorize

We changed all instances of the word “authorize” to the word “connect” to remove a bit of unneeded jargon.

6. Expanded HTML Reporting Options

Raven html report options

Some tools previously only allowed you to export the current view as a PDF report. You can now export more views within Raven as either a PDF or a HTML report.

As always, we’d love to hear you thoughts on how to make Raven better, and soon, how to make the standalone Site Auditor better!