Persona Manager in Firefox Toolbar lives again!

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One of the first tools we created for Raven was the Persona Manager. At the time, we were an internet marketing agency, and we were looking for an efficient way to manage our clients’ numerous social media accounts.

The Persona Manager allows you to add account details for social networks like Digg and Delicious. It’s a central location for user data that can be accessed by your entire team.

Soon after we introduced the Persona Manager, we debuted our Firefox Toolbar. A key feature of the Toolbar was the social network auto-login. The Toolbar would allow you to choose a profile, then choose a social network, and would automatically log you in.

Persona Manager Firefox Toolbar

That Toolbar feature was incredible, but was also incredibly difficult and time consuming to maintain. Over time, we stopped maintaining that feature, because we wanted to focus on building out other areas of Raven.

Social network auto-insert

I’m happy to announce that the auto-login feature has new life breathed into it. The update makes things slightly different, but it’s much easier for us to maintain and keep functioning. Instead of auto-logging you into the site, the Toolbar will now take you to the social network’s login page, and then auto-insert the username and password. All you have to do is click the login button, and you’re in. Easy as pie.

Digg Login Page

We made a lot of other fixes and enhancements, so you’ll want to update the Toolbar whether or not you use this feature. It’s also now compatible with Firefox 4!

And heads up: we are working on a new version of the toolbar and expect to release it for Firefox and Google Chrome in the coming months.