Oh, the BS social media experts say

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A word to the wise, so-called social media “experts”: We’re on to you.

no-bullshitWhen we announced a contest built around the hashtag #BSsocialmediaexpertssay, we weren’t sure what we’d get. Would anyone get it? Would people think we were jerks?

So we were pleasantly surprised to receive an onslaught of tweets skewering – gently – the social media expertise we all know and love to roll our eyes at.

Here are the top tweets that won their authors free tickets to Explore Dallas-Fort Worth Feb. 17 – and some of our other favorite observations. We’ve included their Twitter handles so you can go follow these witty marketers!

The winning BS tweets

“Forget about Content. Klout is King.”
“Cross posting is your friend. You can be on every platform with 1 click”
“Ignore negative posts and pray they go away.”

“Social Media is the truest form of word-of-mouth advertising”… Really?
Social Media will magically bring you new business.
“Just let the intern do it…”

“The best times to tweet are 10am and 4pm.”

“Social media is a must for your marketing mix. Hire me to do it for you (but I don’t use them personally)”

“I’m a social media expert.”
(What can I say? We love a literalist.)

Let’s hire an intern to run our SM strategy since they “use it” everyday.

“Think and use Twitter as your own public relations campaign. Engage and listen.”

Some great runners-up

ROI Doesn’t matter. It’s Facebook’s fault. There’s no way to track it.

I don’t need any monitoring software. I watch everything.

The more exposure is the best exposure.

“Follow everyone you can on Twitter!” Really? That should get me some quality followers back.

“We can increase you “likes” by 100%”

Everyone wants ROI and our tool can prove it. We have what your Exec team is looking for!

OH: It’s easy to definitively measure ROI in social media. Likes equate to purchases.

Don’t get personal in your social strategy, make sure you only promote your brand and products.

As an added bonus, I’ll get you 1,000 targeted fans within 24 hours, GUARANTEED!

Listening is the key to social networking.

“This is the last tool you’ll need – this ‘single-pane’ of glass view into everything social!”

“You’re not doing enough with social media. I mean, it’s FREE after all!”

Worst #BSsocialmediaexpertssay I’ve heard- “Hire Gen Y they use it!” (but do they ALL know how to market with it?)

It’s all about the numbers. You win in SM with big follower counts. I’ll get you 100K by lunch.

“No, I can’t show you any clients that had ROI after hiring me” LOL!

Screw quality, more is better!

And we’re heartbroken this use of the hashtag came after the contest ended, because this guy would have been a shoo-in.

Congratulations to our winners, and to everyone who knows their social media well enough not to fall for the same old BS. We look forward to seeing our winners at Explore Dallas-Fort Worth, and we’ll be planning more fun for the rest of the cities on the Explore tour.