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As Internet marketers, we’re always looking for the easiest and most efficient ways to report to clients. The more meaningful data we can have in one place, the better.

That’s the story behind Raven’s new tool, Site Performance.

With 30-plus metrics in one place, it’s a quick, easy-to-digest view of how your website is performing – and how it’s stacking up against your competitors.

Even better? Site Performance automatically captures all this great data bi-weekly, so it’s a snap to see how you are performing over time.

Get started with Site Performance

You’ll find Site Performance in the Metrics section of Raven.


To get started, all you have to do is visit the tool. Raven will retrieve metrics automatically for the website you’re viewing in Raven and in a matter of seconds, you’ll have access to all of this data in one place.


Compare up to three sites

Enter up to two competitors to see side-by-side comparisons with your site. If you’ve listed competitors already in Raven’s Competitor Manager, they’ll appear in a drop-down menu. If you haven’t, you can easily add them right from the tool. The website that’s performing  best in any given category will be highlighted in green.


The metrics you’ll see

Raven has 20+ data partners and integrations, and you’ll see most of them represented here in the tool.

Site Performance provides SEO metrics on everything from external backlinks to website authority scores, site metrics from our own Site Auditor tool and social metrics from all the usual suspects (even Klout!).

Customize your view

Don’t want to see a particular metric? Just click on the gear icon at the top of table to add or remove anything you’d like.


Metrics with context

The wealth of information here is huge, and we want you to make the most of it. For every metric, you’ll notice a small blue info button. Click it to see more information about each metric, along with tips on how to improve your performance and some resources for further reading.


Automatically updated metrics

After you visit the tool for the first time, Raven will automatically grab this data for you on a bi-weekly basis or anytime you visit. So if you visit the tool every day, you’ll always see the most up-to-date data we have. And if you don’t visit the tool for months, you can still set up a scheduled report and see bi-weekly changes.


Compare over time

Once you have two dates to compare, you can see if your site has moved up or down in any of the key metrics you specify.

From there, you can even filter to just positive or negative metrics – those metrics that increased or decreased during the period. Want to see areas you need to improve? Select “negative metrics” and use the information icons to see how you can improve your website’s performance in those categories.



Just like in all of Raven’s tools, you can report on all of this data – either with an instant report from the tool, or in a more comprehensive Internet marketing report via the Report Wizard.

The report will show you the most recent metrics and the change over time from the date you’ve selected. If you run the report at the beginning of a campaign – say, as a prospective client report – you’ll just see up-to-date metrics in the PDF. As you move deeper into the campaign, you can report your progress week over week or month over month to a boss or client.


We hope Site Performance will make your life easier when it comes to reporting your progress to clients – or even landing new ones. Give it a try and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear it.


Alison Groves

Alison handles partnerships and community at Zapier.

Alison Groves

Alison handles partnerships and community at Zapier.

  • Love the Local Listings part of the upgrade, I look forward to your future updates in the Local Sector of Google rankings

  • Art

    local all the way!

  • Patrice Robert

    Thanks, that’s a welcome new improvement within your great Raven dashboard which is just getting better day after day. I just love the competitor view.

    • RavenCourtney

      Happy to hear you’re enjoying the changes, Patrice!

  • Finn_Jake

    Great feature! Was actually choosing between Colibri Tool and Raven Tool and frankly already decided on the former. However, this feature puts me back to square 1.

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