New Social Stream and revamped Social Monitor upgrade FAQs

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Raven is pleased to offer customers a new Social Stream tool and a completely upgraded Social Monitor. We introduced these new tools on Nov. 3, 2011.

Current Raven customers will need to go through a simple, quick upgrade process to convert to the new tools. You’ll be prompted to go through this process when you next log in to your Raven account. If you have used Raven’s existing Social Monitor to perform a lot of social searches, this process will clearly explain how the conversion may affect overage costs on your account.

Also, a detailed explanation is below.

What’s new?

Raven’s Social Monitor is now real-time, powered with enterprise-quality data from uberVU. It taps into millions of social conversations on 20+ networks (and growing), including Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, WordPress and Disqus. You’ll get automated (but editable) sentiment, support for 20+ languages, influencer tracking and more. It’s powerful real-time social media monitoring.

Raven also introduced a real-time Social Stream tool. It merges your Social Monitor searches with your Facebook Fan Page accounts with your Twitter accounts into one streamlined, real-time timeline. Post and schedule messages directly from the Social Stream, even push to more than one account. Reply, retweet and favorite messages in real-time. Easily assign a followup task to anyone on your team, and store influencer contact information with one click. It’s powerful real-time social media management.

For a more comprehensive look at the new tools, see the Social Monitor and Social Stream launch announcement. You can also sign up for Raven’s online webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011 at 11 a.m. CST. or check out Raven’s Knowledge Base for step-by-step instructions on how to use the tools.

How this may affect your account

Agency accounts receive 50 Social Monitor searches per month (overages at $2 each). Pro accounts receive 20 (overages at $2.50 each). Trial accounts are limited to 10, with no overages allowed during trial.

There’s no extra charge to use Raven’s unique, convenient Social Stream.

Previously, Social Monitor searches powered by Social Mention were unlimited.


Why do I have to upgrade my account?

The upgrade process ensures you understand how the change will impact the cost of your account. The new tools are far better than previous social media tools offered by Raven. These improvements required us to place limitations on accounts. For clients with a number of social searches, the new tools may incur some additional costs.

Who can upgrade the account?

Only the account owner can upgrade the account.

Why do I have additional costs?

Every Raven account includes a specific number of searches. Agency accounts receive 50. Pro accounts receive 20.

Your account currently has more searches than your plan includes. You have the option of deleting some searches or paying the overage charges for searches.

Can I have time to review my account?

Of course, the number of searches in your current account may be surprising. We understand if you need some time to review and possibly change some searches.

Raven will phase out the existing Social Monitor powered with Social Mention data by Nov. 30, 2011, and you’ll have either 20 or 50 Social Monitor searches depending on your plan.

When will I be billed for any new overages?

Raven will bill you for social search overages as soon as you upgrade your account. Future billings will coincide with your monthly invoice.

Is the Social Monitor really that different?


First, we made a significant change in the quality and timeliness of our social media data. Raven switched to uberVU, which provides comprehensive, real-time data from more than 20 sources for millions of social conversations. Previously, we used basic data from socialmention.

Second, the Social Monitor has features you have never seen from Raven before: automated sentiment and multi-language social tracking, for example.

Do I need to change anything in my account?

You will see an alert the next time that you log in to Raven asking if you want to convert to the new Social Stream and Social Monitor. We’ll clearly explain how the change will affect your account.

How many Social Monitor searches do I get?

Agency accounts receive 50 searches. Pro accounts receive 20. Trial accounts are limited to 10.

Why did Raven limit the number of searches?

We are purchasing far better data from uberVU at a greater cost. We want all of our customers to have at least some access to that data, which necessitated some limits.

What are the overage costs?

The overage for Pro accounts is $2.50 per search per month. The overage cost for Agency accounts is $2 per search per month. Trial accounts cannot use overages.

I have more than that many searches programmed in the existing Social Monitor. What will I pay?

You have a few options.

You can keep all of your searches and simply pay any overage fees. You can delete some of your Social Monitor searches to stay under the new limits. Or you can upgrade to an Agency account, which will give you more searches with cheaper overage charges, and you’ll get the higher limits for the rest of the Raven platform, too.

Whatever you choose, if this applies to you, Raven will present your options with exact billing information the next time you log in—no month-end bill surprises.

Do Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts I manage with Raven count toward the social searches I get?

No. As before, you can manage an unlimited number of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts with Raven for the flat monthly fee of a Pro or Agency account.

Will I lose the searches I have set up in Social Mention? What happens to Raven’s Social Mention integration?

Not if you convert all of them to the new tools by Nov. 30, 2011.

After Nov. 30, 2011, Raven will not support Social Mention. If you have not converted your searches by then, Raven will automatically move your most recent searches to the new tool, up to your account limit.

Can I filter searches?

Yes. All searches can incorporate Boolean terms, so you can customize the results to your needs.

Can I still set alerts?

Yes. The alerts are also customizable by search. For example, you may need to know immediately when certain brand terms appear but only want a daily summary of other searches. You can easily customize these alerts in Raven.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to the Raven Customer Care team. Simply email