Sneak Peek: Raven To Launch New Reporting Engine

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A lot has changed since we first launched our reporting engine seven years ago. Mobile has taken over most of our lives, and we’ve come to expect a lot more from our online reporting software.

While Raven’s reporting engine has served our customers well, we realized it was once again time to exceed expectations.

We set out to build something that would be amazing now and well into the future. To that end, we focused on five core things:

  1. Mobile ready
  2. Interactive and beautiful
  3. Metric options that are flexible
  4. A report builder that’s WYSIWYG
  5. A reporting engine that we can continue to upgrade and improve well into the future

After a lot of surveys, meetings, prototypes and a crazy amount of coding, we’re now very close to launching our new reporting engine!

1. Mobile Ready Reports

The new reporting engine will create interactive HTML reports that can be viewed on mobile phones and tablets.

iPhone Marketing Report

2. Interactive and Beautiful Reports

The reports will no longer be static PDFs. Instead, they’ll be interactive HTML, allowing you to tap on charts or page through tables for more information.

3. Flexible Metric Options

Customers will be able to create their own dashboard and reporting widgets using custom metric settings.

Customer Widget Builder

4. WYSIWYG Report Builder

When you build a report, it’s now WYSIWYG. Simply click the Edit button if you want to make changes to a chart.

WYSIWYG Report Builder

5. An Upgradable Reporting Engine

The new reporting engine will allow us to output to HTML and other formats. It’s also designed to easily accommodate new data sources and metrics. We have a lot of enhancements already lined up, and we’re looking forward to implementing ideas our customers want most.

What’s Next

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If you’re a current customer, rest assured. When this new system launches, nothing gets automatically moved over to it — your existing PDF reports will go out as created and scheduled by you, and your dashboards will remain the same. You’ll be able to toggle between both systems for quite a while. Our intention is to build “easy buttons” for transferring your existing reports and dashboards to the new system.

If you’re not a Raven customer, what are you waiting for? Sign up today for unlimited reports.

70 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Raven To Launch New Reporting Engine”

  1. Glenn Crocker

    My #1 Raven use today is automated monthly PDF reports to clients. Please enable that at some point in your new tool. My clients won’t click around in an interactive report, but SOMETIMES they will open a PDF or print it for their boss.

    • In regards to PDFs, we’re looking at the best way to create them with the new reporting engine, but that feature won’t be available when we initially launch it. However, there’s no need to worry about it. We won’t be removing the existing reporting functionality from our current customers for quite some time. We want to make sure the new reporting engine does everything you need it to before we fully replace it.

      • Mark Kelly

        Hi Jon, I’d like to echo/support what Glenn says above. The new Raven reporting system has to output PDFs for clients. I like online dashboard reports, but clients won’t go to them. So you’ve got to have the same automatically sent monthly PDF reports in the new reporting platform or it will be a disaster. Thanks.

        • same here. PDF and powerpoint exports of reports. Interactive dashboards, our clients won’t be using these. Looking for the reports. Also, more customisation with facebook. For example, Page likes, impressions and reach (organic and paid), engagement, consumption, link clicks and also KPI’s on each (+/-) (w/w and m/m).

  2. lukethorn

    The new reporting engine looks amazing, can’t wait to try it out. Thank you so much for allowing us to retain our current reporting with a gradual voluntary migration over time. Huge +!!! You guys do such amazing work, thank you!

  3. Wow. You’re making me drool.

    One thing I’ve wanted in reports and maybe this will allow for is ancillary data not a part of Raven. I collate some details and make my own images and have to use Acrobat to wedge me info into your info. It’d be nice to allow for a page or whatever the new concepts will be to upload our own documents/pdf/jpg/png something. Hate doing the run around.

    Regardless, kudos on this. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  4. Lauren Lawton Perfors

    Very exciting, Raven! I missed Raven’s mobile app when it disappeared with the new version, and can’t wait to see the responsive reporting, preview looks awesome and my clients will like it!

  5. Dimitris

    Your new version looks promising! Here’s what I’d like to see in it:

    1. Ability to provide free form content. Clients want – even if it’s in bullets – a bit (or a lot) of analysis on the work we’re doing – other than charts and metrics – but so far reporting allows that with a work around (adding stuff in the Summary fields).

    2. Integration with Facebook Ads. Now with organic reach approaching zero, clients who pay for Facebook, pay for FB Ads too. So that’s a must so that we do not need to provide external info/files just for these efforts.

    3. Provided it as feedback a couple of times already but axes in graphs should either be made to center the plot automatically or data ranges should be able to be set by the user – that’s to avoid creating plots where eg the increase in Twitter followers is an almost flatline at the top 10% of the plot (which I’ve gotten many times).

    Thanks for all your efforts!

  6. Super hooray for this. Agreed with comment above, the ability to include 3rd arty data sources, even if only as an iframe to embed would be wonderful. For instance we use another platform for integrated PPC management and reporting and they offer an HTML based reporting tool and it would be ideal to combine these two sources into one report. (J st saying…) But regardless, we’re super happy about this announcement!!!

  7. Really happy to see this, Jon – Those .pdf’s were getting a little long in the tooth. I’m doubly glad too that the .pdf reports aren’t going away any time soon. As someone else says below, some people prefer .pdf’s. So… WHEN?

  8. Grant Davies

    Looks good. Unfortunately I still won’t be using it though as I require a reporting platform that integrates more digital channels. Soon as it can easily report on spend and conversions on FB Ads, LinkedIn Ads, AdRoll, YouTube well as organic and AdWords, I’ll be all over it. I’m guessing this is how you guys will eventually be going as this is how the industry is moving. We need customisable holistic reporting on all digital channels. Anyone know of such a reporting platform? Until then I have to waste hours of my time in excel.

  9. Jason Gardose

    Pretty cool! It’s a good thing you guys are working out to have something new for your costumers! Just feeling excited to hear this!

  10. bvantil

    Jon – “couple weeks” = 14 days = when last comment happened! 🙂 Fingers crossed – this has been such a sticking point for us – we’ve tried 10 reporting platforms at least; all falling short in some area. Really looking forward to test driving this.

  11. Hi Jon, any updates on when we can start to use the new reporting tools? Its been a few weeks since any updates from the Raven team on this and I know a few of us agency folk are making some big decisions on tools right now.

    Update would be appreciated.

    • After we announced and tested with a small group of customers, we felt we needed to make some important UX changes before releasing it to everyone. We plan to release it to everyone in the coming weeks (aiming for the third or fourth week of September). Thank you for your patience and interest 🙂

    • Sorry for the radio silence. We didn’t intentionally ignore the comments here. It just slipped through the cracks.

      After initial testing we felt we needed to make some significant UX changes before unleashing it onto the world. We plan to release it to everyone in the coming weeks (aiming for the third or fourth week of September). Thank you for your patience and interest 🙂

  12. I never understand when companies do this…build up hype, get everyone excited and then literally go radio silent? These comment threads are so easy to monitor and take literally seconds to update – usually Raven team is completely on point but this is getting irritating. We’ve been searching high and low for better reporting and wondering if this is it or we need to continue the search. Communication is needed imho.

    • After initial testing with a select group of customers, we felt we needed to make some significant UX changes before unleashing it onto the world. We weren’t sure how long it was going to take, so there wasn’t much we could say about it publicly. Assuming all goes well…which so far that seems to be the case, you can expect to have access to it in a couple weeks (or less). Sorry for the silence and wait. We think the wait will be worth it though.

      • Thanks Jon – sincerely appreciate the update. And it goes without saying I totally get the dev cycle, testing, etc. – so not frustrated with the delays (well, a little bit 🙂 but people kept asking for updates and didn’t seem to be any. Regardless, really looking forward to this rolling out and again, appreciate the response!