Take a Whirlwind Tour of 7 New Raven Updates

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We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks making small enhancements to the Raven software toolset.

All of these updates were born from users who would tell us, “I wish Raven would do ________.” We heard you, and we hope something here will make your life just a little bit easier.

Website Directory tags

If you who use the Link Manager to organize your link building efforts, you’re probably familiar with the Website Directory. It makes all of your link records searchable across your entire account.

And now, to make it even easier to find and group the right link records together, we’ve introduced tagging for entries in the Website Directory.


New YouTube sorting option

Quick, what’s one thing you want to know about your videos on YouTube? If you said “How many people are watching them,” this update is for you.

You can now sort your videos based on views. This makes creating a quick PDF report focused on number of video views possible in just three clicks.


Better link building workflow

One of our favorite things to do in Raven is remove unnecessary clicks to help you work faster. This time we targeted Link Manager.

Now no matter where you are in the Link Manager, you can always add another link to the system.


Enhanced Report Wizard organization

You can produce branded PDF reports on every nook and cranny of Raven, and we’re doing our best to make the Report Wizard as simple as possible. First up is a better organization of Research Central modules, which are now grouped by the two different types of research you can do in Research Central: website research and keyword research.


Site Finder! Now with French data!

’nuff said.


More control within Report Wizard

Reporting on Google Webmaster Tools’ Top Searches just got even easier with the ability to turn data on and off in the PDF report. Now show your boss or client exactly what they want to see.


We’re also working on more enhanced reporting modules, to give you more control over tables, sorting, and number of results to display. You’ll see these options rolling out to all of reporting over the coming weeks.


Bulk competitor comparison

When viewing data in the Competitor Manager, you can now select up to four competitors to instantly compare data against within Research Central.


Now it’s your turn…what Raven updates would make your experience just that much better?