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Why should you use Raven’s Google Analytics integration instead of going into Google Analytics itself?

There are a few reasons.

First off, we went in and made sure that all of the language in our integration matched the new language in Google Analytics. So now you have “Sessions” and “Sources” and “Mediums.”

We also organized the data in the ABCs fashion (Acquisition, Behavior, Conversion) that Google Analytics has itself.

While we display the same nomenclature, we have simplified the navigation. Their navigation, if you have dipped into it at all, goes on and on and on. Scroll, scroll, scroll. In Raven, you’ll see Overview, All Traffic, All Referrals, Content, Campaigns, Events, Goals, Audience, Social and AdWords. Very simple. Very concise. And it makes a lot more sense to most users.

All our updates to Google Analytics were based on surveys and notes from customers who responded when asked, “What do you want to see?” “What data points do you need?” and “What do you think is missing in Google Analytics?”

We took the data they provided and gave you 90% of the things that were asked for. Ten percent (10%) of the requests we could not provide was simply because the data is not available yet through the Google Analytics API.

A great feature in Raven’s new Google Analytics reports is that you can turn on and off many of the data points and metrics to see exactly what you want in all the charts and graphs.

Also, if you log into Google Analytics itself, you’re blinded by double the amount of columns in your tables when comparing data. While you can see the data side by side, you cannot figure out your wins and losses at a glance. That’s not the case in Raven.

The software analyzes the data and presents it in one column. You can see your data vs. the last period you are comparing. We’ve even color coded your wins and losses. Greens are good. Reds, maybe not so much.

What’s most exciting about the new Google Analytics reporting in Raven is that it integrates with everything else in Raven. We have over thirty (30) internet marketing tools available in the Raven software. When you want to report on your Google Analytics, you can also pull in data from Google Webmaster Tools, Competitor Manager, Event Manager, all of our Social offerings and even Google AdWords in fully branded Reports. This is something you simply can’t do in Google Analytics itself.

We hope you’re excited as we are about our latest software upgrade. Stayed tuned for another mini-tutorial tomorrow.


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