New Features: Raven brings campaign variables and custom alerts to social tools

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The work isn’t done at Raven once we launch a new feature.

As proud as we are of our new Social Stream and revamped Social Monitor, we’re always working on new ways to make our tools even better.

Here are some of the tweaks and changes we’ve made recently on our social tools. Even more updates are on the way, so be sure you let us know what you think as you use them.

Share any results from Social Stream

The Social Stream offers one streamlined view of all of the Twitter, Facebook and Social Monitor brand/keyword searches you set up for any given website.

One of the coolest changes for social media managers is the ability to take any result from your Social Stream—including those Social Monitor sources from all around the web—and quickly post them to your Twitter or Facebook community. For example, let’s take a result I found, a press release about an upcoming social media event Raven is sponsoring.


This is something I want to share. Directly from the Stream, I can click “post” and Raven will pull the snippet that’s visible from the Stream, along with a link, into a new window.


From here, I can choose my networks, modify the information and shorten the URL.


Specify campaign variables in Social Stream

Another change we’ve made should help with social media metrics. Now you have the ability to specify campaign variables in your posts from Social Stream. As you post from Social Stream, you’ll see a new button underneath the text field.


Click this button to fill in campaign variables for any post.


Customize your Social Monitor alerts

New in Social Monitor are alerts that are customizable by each search filter you have set up. This means you can monitor each of your search terms as closely as you like.

To find out immediately when certain brand terms appear, use the Social Stream. Or, you can set up a daily alert in the Social Monitor to receive a once-a-day summary of other searches. For searches you need to keep less of a close eye on, just store that term in Social Monitor to browse, filter and explore the results on your own schedule.

To customize alerts for a search term in Raven, navigate to Social Monitor, then choose “Edit” for the term. In advanced settings, you’ll see an option to turn on daily alerts.


Add contacts more easily from Social Stream

Finally, we’ve tweaked the contacts settings in Social Stream to make it a little more efficient to add a contact from a Twitter mention. For instance, let’s look at this mention from Distilled’s John Doherty. I want to add him to my contacts, but his Twitter handle, @dohertyjf, won’t be the most useful way to find him for future reference.


When I add him as a contact, you can see that Raven imports the full name listed in his Twitter bio, but also remembers his Twitter handle, too. Handy! (Remember: We’re pulling this information from Twitter, so this only works for folks who list their whole, real name there.)


So that’s what we’ve been up to lately with Social Stream. Let us know what you think!