New Features: Privacy, preferences and discretion

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The big news last week was Raven’s integration of Google Webmaster Tools. Today, we have a few smaller updates to tell you about, in four important categories:

  • Privacy: Earlier this year, we reminded you that agency admins could set usage limits for things like research reports, ranking results and Social Monitor searches to save money. Now, those agency account owners can hide those usage limits and overage notices from sub-users—helpful for those who white label the Raven platform.
  • Discretion: You can now give each search in the Social Monitor a name. That way, if you used “negative” searches to help determine brand sentiment, such as “[Your Client] Sucks,” your client won’t see that search name on the report. Social Monitor Field Name
  • Speed: Whether you use “www” or not when researching a domain, the Research Assistant displays SEOmoz Open Site Explorer data for both—a big timesaver. One, you don’t have to remember whether or not you’re supposed to include the www. And two, you get both sets of data in one search.
  • Consistency: Time zone preferences for a Website you’re tracking in Raven used to only be applied to social networks (Twitter and Facebook). Now, the entire Raven platform respects the time zone setting for that Website. This includes Link Manager times (for comments, log and link checks), email campaign sent times and scheduled report status times. Go to Site > Settings to set your Website’s time zone. Time Zone Preferences

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