New feature: Raven refreshes UI navigation and design

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Raven continually works to streamline our tools to make your job faster and easier. This spring, Raven made major user interface (UI) changes to bring all of our tools and settings together into a common and predictable interface. Today, we’re making more UI improvements with some minor design and navigation tweaks.

  1. What changed:The first thing you’ll notice is that the main navigation bar has changed to a darker color and the drop-down menu styles have changed.

    New Navigation Bar

    Why: This high-contrast change should make the main bar easier to read. We’re making all of the drop-down menu styles visually consistent.

  2. What changed:We removed the horizontal sub-navigation bar and provided more intuitive breadcrumbs instead.

    Breadcrumbs replace subnav

    Why: Shortly after our major UI update this spring, you asked for drop-down menus, and we immediately made that change. But that made the horizontal sub-navigation bar redundant.

  3. What changed:We moved the Main Settings icon from the main navigation bar to the top bar.

    Settings Icon

    Why: Main settings is where you set defaults and make big changes to your account. It makes more sense near top-level information, such as the website and profile you’re working with.

  4. What changed:We removed Contact Manager from the Links menu and created a new Contact Manager icon that’s located on the main navigation bar.

    Contact Manager Icon

    Why: Several customers wanted a more convenient way to access the Contact Manager than from within the Links section or the Link Manager. Now, you can access your contacts with one click.

  5. What changed:We added a drop-down menu for the Contact Manager, Task Manager and Inbox icons. You can now choose to view all contacts, tasks or messages, or create a new contact, task or message without having to go to the main screen first. Also, a new red indicator displays when you have an overdue task in your Task Manager or an unread message in your Inbox. (And note: the Inbox icon is new.)

    Icon Menu Options

    Why: These changes all make Raven more efficient. You’ll save time.

We hope you enjoy these changes and that it improves your experience using Raven. As always, please let us know what you think.