New Feature: Raven launches better Link Records for better link building

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Raven’s new Contact Relationship Manager (CRM), launched two weeks ago, streamlined the relationship-building process. That’s what most SEO and social media marketing is about these days: relationship building with high-quality contacts and high-quality websites.

With the CRM, all information, notes, messages and links related to a contact are logically organized and easy to sort and filter.

Today, we’re releasing updated Add Link and Link Record pages for Raven’s popular Link Manager tool. They’re consolidated—similar to the CRM in how it looks and works—and the two tools are closely integrated. Importantly, the Link Record page now also incorporates key SEO metrics for faster link building.

Here’s more details about the changes, plus a quick look at what’s ahead for the Link Manager.

Add Link changes

If you add a link within Raven’s Link Manager (simply click the green “Add Link” button), instead of a long form on a new web page, a short modal window with tabs will pop up.

You can add general link options and information on the first tab.


There’s a tab to add an optional Description of your link, as well as a tab to add optional Contact information. If you create a new contact here, Raven will add it to the new CRM system, and you’ll be able to add more contact details later. Plus, Raven will associate the contact with the link and vice versa. As before, you can also search for existing contacts, or you can try to discover contacts for that link (which Raven does automatically, pulling the 10 most likely contacts for that link).


Click the green Submit button from any page, and Raven will store that link as a Link Record.

Link Record changes

To find a Link Record, you go to the Link Manager and click on the status of any link you see in the table. That hasn’t changed.


It’s what you see next that has improved.

Before, there was one long… long… long… form for all of the Link Record details. If you had to make any changes, you went to the same long form.


Now, just as for the Add Link function, there’s one short summary view, with quick tabs for more information. Plus, there’s a new feature: at-a-glance quality metrics.


Let’s walk through the changes, in terms of where you would find, add or edit information in a Link Record now.

1. Check link quality scores at a glance (new!)

At the new top of every Link Record, just below the domain name of the link, you’ll see eight new places for website, authority, social and keyword metrics. By default, Raven has chosen eight metrics, but you can customize them by clicking on the Gear icon next to the domain name.


2. Edit basic link and website information

Any information you entered during the Add Link process will show up on the Summary page of the Link Record in the Link Info box. To edit any of this information, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Link Info box. An Edit Link modal window will pop up that’s nearly identical to the Add Link modal window. (The only difference is where you add/edit contacts: see Step 3 below).


From this gear, you can also add a Tag to this Link Record or delete the Link Record.

Also from the Summary page, you can change the link Type, Status or Owner from the drop-down menus.

3. Edit or add contact information

Click on the Contact tab to view contact information you associated with this link during the Add Link process.

Didn’t add a contact then? You can do it now: simply search for the contact from the table below—which is integrated with Raven’s CRM—and click on the gear icon to add it that way.

Need to remove or edit a contact associated with a Link Record? Click the gear icon in the contact’s row in the table.


4. Enable link monitoring and view link clips

Click on the Monitor tab to check the status of your link—is it still visible? You can click the “Check Link Status” button for a few key metrics immediately. After about 24 hours, you’ll see a clip of your link on this tab along with a more metrics if you have enabled link monitoring.

To edit your link monitoring settings, click on the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Link Monitoring Results tab.


For more about link monitoring, including what’s included with each Raven plan, see Raven’s Knowledge Base.

5. Assign link tasks

Click on the Task tab to create a Task related to this link.


To edit or delete a Task you have already created, click on the Gear icon next to the Task in the table. Then make changes in the modal window that pops up.


You can also add a new Task from any tab.


6. Write notes about your links

The old Link Record form had a place to add Comments—buried near the bottom, where few people used it. We’ve renamed them Notes and given you a better place to store them—in their own tab, easy to click on and view.


You can see the three most recent Notes for any Link Record right from the Summary tab, too, and add a new Note from any tab.


7. Keep track of your link’s history

The old Link Record form had a Change Log at the very bottom. The new Link Record has a History tab, where you can see changes in the link’s User or Status.


What about the Firefox toolbar?

If you primarily add links to the Link Manager via the Raven Firefox toolbar, nothing is changing—you’ll see and use the same interface as before. However, when you go and look at your Link Records, they’ll be the new style described above.

What else is ahead for the Link Manager

The Link Manager is one of Raven’s most popular tools, and we want to be sure you know what other improvements we’re planning. In the coming weeks, we expect to add (at least) these features:

  1. Filter sets: Right now, to sort through thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of your links in Raven, you have to rely on searching and limited display options. Soon you’ll be able to filter with easy-to-use drop downs, even save searches as “Filter Sets.”
  2. Link summary: From the main Link Manager tool, we want to give you more at-a-glance information about the status of your link building campaigns. You could know immediately know many links are Active and Inactive, for example.
  3. Chrome toolbar!: We know, we know—this is what you really want. As Raven’s Product Manager Jon Henshaw has promised, a Chrome toolbar with improved link building functionality is coming soon.

We’ll keep you posted on other additions as they come along. In the meantime, please feel free to send any questions about the new Link Records to

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