MozCon 2011: Paid+Organic: Better Together

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Paid+Organic: Better Together

Session description: When your brand and/or generic terms rank #1 in organic search, it’s wise to ignore paid search, right? Not necessarily… Melanie will walk you through the pros and cons using in-depth case studies of how to leverage the power of running both paid and organic search together to maximize performance… even if you rank in the top results of organic search.

Speaker: Melanie Mitchell, Digitas

The skinny

Use a combination of paid and organic search to maximize your internet marketing efforts. Diving into data on both ends can pay huge dividends for your campaigns.

What she said

  • Can’t we all just get along? We’re better together. 32% CTR and 420% increase in brand recall when doing organic and PPC together.
  • Search scorecard.Paid metrics could include paid impressions, paid CTR, paid conversion percentage. Organic metrics include SEO sessions and SEO conversion percentage. Search engine data includes google volume, keyword rank, and ranking URL.
  • Focus resources on high impact keywords. What are the high conversion keywords in paid search? What are you currently ranked in organic search? What does the competitive landscape look like? If you aren’t on page 1, someone has to go, so research the competition.
  • Paid ads help you stay present on new long-tail searches. Ads on long-tail serches keep your brand in mind for future ones. Place targeted ads that drive interest and generate searches for your brand.


  1. Let the data do the talking.
  2. Understand your customer and their behavior.
  3. Leveraging both paid and organic search results give a significant lift together versus individually.

Audience participation

  • How do you convince a client to bid other brand terms? With paid search, you can have a different voice, you can control your messaging.
  • What percentage of your paid search budget should be spent on brand terms? Own that space, maximize the spend. Test, and see what works.
  • What are the top three things you can research with paid search? Understanding who’s coming to your site, and what they are interested in. Do you have the right content? See where people go when they come to your site, are they bouncing out? What holes do you have? Keywords may drive traffic to content that doesn’t exist. Uncover those opportunities.