MozCon 2011: Insanely Creative Ways to Make Your Audience Spread the Word

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Insanely Creative Ways to Make Your Audience Spread the Word

Session description: Few people on the planet have held such diverse and interesting positions as Bob Rains, and even fewer have had his success. Bob’s talk will share amazingly cool creative strategies and how to overcome internal + external roadblocks that would seek to impede a great marketer’s ideas.

Speaker: Bob Rains

The skinny

Bob gives us a great history of his career, and how he played his hunches (and stored some for later!) to fuel his ideas and marketing decisions.

What he said

  • Rule No. 1 for being creative: no box, no hat, no bullshit. “Stop polishing turds.”
  • Rule No. 2: All I know is that I don’t know nothing. This is the best way to get that great hunch.
  • Rule No. 3: Everything is beautiful!
  • Rule No. 4: The more the merrier. Get as much information as you can.
  • Rule No. 5: Junior high for life! Leave your jaded mentality at home. Bring back 12-year-old Timmy who would light a roman candle in their hand and point it at a friend.
  • Rule No. 6: Be a BFF! Support your team. If you have their back on their ideas, they will have yours.
  • Rule No. 7: Know when to say when. Stopping is hard. We’re all guilty of over-optimization.
  • Rule No. 8: Fail fast. Go ahead, ship it. It’s ok. See where it fails, and why.
  • Rule No. 9: Make it awesome. If you can look at the work you do and feel good about it, that’s a problem. Keep the next cool thing in mind. Don’t pat yourself on the back, the next thing may be greater.
  • Rule No. 19: Stay gold pony boy! Never forget why you started doing marketing. Keep moving. Learn as much as you can. Stick with your original intention of doing something. Keep a creative mind, turn everything off for a while. Expert nature comes from disciplined practice.

Also, Bob is responsible for SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin’s trademark yellow shoes. The more you know.

Audience participation

Someone asked Bob about Panda, and if that forces marketers to be more white hat than ever. “People that got hurt most by Panda were people who pushed their content via RSS.” Don’t patronize your user; Bob thinks it’s bad karma. If you cared about your user, you probably weren’t affected by Panda.