MozCon 2011: How to Earn the Links the Lazy Link Builders Buy

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How to Earn the Links the Lazy Link Builders Buy

Session description: Sure, you could go buy those links and risk your site’s standing with Google (and your SEO reputation). Or, you could follow Wil’s always creative, engaging and passionate advice for how to earn links the white-hat, long-term way.

Speaker: Wil Reynolds, SEER Interactive

The skinny

Wil spoke so fast, the skinny is “build links the right way.” At least, that’s what I got from his laser speak.

What he said

  • Three ways to get .EDU links: find clubs on a topic that you could sponsor, build an asset a .EDU site might be interested in, find .EDU links that offer scholarship and offer one with anchor text.
  • Never EVER ask for a retweet. “That’s the lowest of the low.” Build a legit following by helping people. An army of little helpers.
  • Use to find relevant social followers/circles.
  • Killer tool: competitor backlink analysis for excel
  • Follow Twitter users with high value sites. Engage them, interview them, do opinion pieces with them. It’s ok to schedule outreach for your influencers.


  1. “Stop taking the easy, lazy way out!”
  2. If it is harder for you to get the link, you will get more benefit from it over time.
  3. Stay white hat, my friends.

Audience participation

  • Why is it ok to ask for links, but not retweets? If your shit was good, I would have retweeted it. Put something out there that is so good, I have to follow you. Engage with each other. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
  • What are some pitfalls you want to avoid when structuring your outreach? Don’t assume your stuff is awesome. Create a panel, engage people to join you.
  • What happens when Google changes the algo and your tactics stop working? Build high quality links, Google updates won’t be an issue.