Measuring the Quality of an Internet Marketing Campaign

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I mentioned in my last post about contributing something to the Internet when you’re marketing your website. If part of what you’re doing isn’t contributing anything at all, then you might as well pack up and go home.

Placing a large quantity of links on low-end sites just doesn’t work anymore. Gone are the days when you could leave links on social bookmarking sites and expect to see traffic and SERPs increase. The search engines have wised up and are now placing increased importance on quality (for both inbound links and content).

The quality of your campaign will be judged by the people to whom it’s intended for. That’s why Raven’s Media Monitor is one of my favorite tools for reporting on the effectiveness of an Internet Marketing campaign. It helps me better judge if the work I did had a positive impact and was well received.


I can enter any term, and then through monitoring mentions and applying sentiment,  I can determine the impact of my campaign.

Daily Mentions

I can also control the assignment of sentiment by rating the results as negative, neutral or positive. All of which will contribute to the overall sentiment rating.


Companies are spending more and more money on Internet Marketing, but they still struggle with measuring and judging the impact of their marketing efforts. With the Media Monitor, you can give them quantifiable and valuable data about their campaign. This data acts as a single stream of information that pulls together user-generated content from all over the Internet, and provides one more way to measure the quality of a campaign.

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