Why the “Zen Master of Marketing” Chose Raven Tools

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Shama Hyder, CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, wrote the book on social media marketing, literally. She is the bestselling author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing and an international keynote speaker who has shared the speaking stage with the world’s top leaders, including President Obama and the Dalai Lama.

Known as the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine and the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Fast Company, Shama is a visionary strategist for the digital age.

I met Shama Hyder just after she launched her agency in 2009 when it was experiencing rapid growth, and she was looking to hire experienced search marketers. I was intrigued by her story and wanted to learn more, so we talked.

She was one of the early users of Twitter, when usage was so tiny everyone knew each other, she told me at the time. In a world full of social media experts Shama qualifies — her master’s thesis was about Twitter!

Until I came to Raven, I’d often wondered what my life would be like if I’d decided to move from Houston to Dallas, home to The Marketing Zen Group.

We’ve stayed connected through social networks, but it was only recently that I had the chance to meet her in person.

I was excited to learn that she would be in Nashville speaking at Inc.’s GrowCo Conference. We exchanged emails, which is how I learned her agency uses Raven.

Knowing that they’re a Raven customer, I had to ask, “Why is Raven a good choice for you?” Instead of answering the three questions I sent, Shama said, “I think three words would do it better justice.”

  • Simple
  • Cost-effective
  • In-depth

The agency’s been using Raven software almost since the beginning.

They compared Raven to Simply Measured and Sprout Social and chose Raven. “The biggest selling point was the price point for the number of features. The social statistics that Raven provides for the price is nearly unmatchable,” Shama said.

The agency’s social team uses Raven on a daily basis. They constantly monitor data to see where their clients’ campaigns are succeeding and which need to be revised.

Raven has helped The Marketing Zen Group prove their success in numerous social media marketing campaigns, specifically by showing increases in engagement and reach, Shama said.

“Our social clients know the importance of interacting with the audience and Raven shows them how we’re achieving those goals,” she added.

PS Shama flew in and out of Nashville so quickly we never did get to meet. Next time!

Photo Credit: h.koppdelaney via Compfight cc