Make Money With Twitter!

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Yesterday on Twitter, my buddy Paul (known on Twitter as pwnicholson) posted the following, with 66 characters to spare!

Think Twitter isn’t for business? — Dell has made $1mil through Twitter.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Twitter is the relatively new internet phenomenon that asks the simple questions “What are you doing?” and eagerly awaits your reply in 140 characters or less. Not really the best idea, right? Well I thought so at first, but I have now been a Twitter user for over two years now and have seen it grow from a way for me to keep up with what my friends are doing to becoming my #1 source for information. One of the more interesting things to come out of Twitter in the last six to nine months is the usage of the technology by major corporations as a way for them to have instant dialog with their customers. Feel unsatisfied about a product? Look the company up on Twitter and I bet you get a response to your issue within the day.

The companies that are on Twitter, ranging from Dunkin Donuts to Southwest Airlines, are using the little service in a myriad of ways, and is something that your business could easily set up as another facet of your marketing campaign. Dell leveraged the service by sending out special offers, and was able to track that particular traffic and conversions to see that it had yielded over a million dollars for the company. The Home Depot lets customers know when supplies will be arriving to stores in the areas surrounding disasters. Many companies such as Griffin Technology here in Nashville use it to hold contests. And a tweet to @comcastcares will most likely get your cable fixed quicker than any other means.

While you may only be talking to a very small percentage of your target market (Southwest Airlines only has 6,445 people following its updates), those who are on Twitter are generally individuals who are actually going to purchase your product and engage in your brand. If your follower feels that the offer or tip you’re handing out is worth spreading, they can “re-tweet” it and it sees a whole new set of eyes, which can grow exponentially. With little time investment needed to monitor a Twitter account for your company, it only makes sense to do so to compliment any conversational marketing initiatives you may already have in place.

And let me leave you with this free Twitter tip…if you are using the service to promote your brand, constantly monitor the feed. No one wants to be spammed by 48 tweets in a row from you responding to customers needs and questions once a day.