Liveblogging Social South – Day Two

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I wake up at 7am on Saturday mornings for very few reasons, but I did it today for you, Social South. Day two of #soso is just presentations in the morning, and then roundtables in the afternoon. I’ve really enjoyed my time here, and would like the population of Social South to know that I do own more than just Raven tshirts, although not by much (I counted 6 in my drawer last week). Here we go!

WordPress Case Study with Mitch Canter and Tammy Hart
Mitch is a Nashville web designer, specializing in WordPress rollouts, and an all around good dude. We’re big fans of WordPress at Raven, even going so far as to building the ability to pull in your WordPress blog to our content manager (never have to remember users and passwords ever again!). Mitch suggests using the plugin Twitter Tools if you want to utilize your Twitter feed on your blog, which more and more people are doing everyday. Tammy recommends using Flutter to enable WordPress in a more robust CMS way, especially for folks who may not understand CSS or HTML markup. Great tips from both of them.

Navigating the Maze and Defeating the Ghosts of Old Corporate Culture: How Pac-Man Can Sell Social Media by Ike Pigott
I briefly met Ike yesterday where he enthusiastically encouraged me to stick around the conference so I could see a Alabama Power has on loan. I wasn’t able to, but I knew I needed to stick around and see this dude’s presentation today, especially given I have a soft spot for awesomely named presentations (See Jon’s Barcamp ’08 presentation called Make Google Your Bitch). Ike wants to know how you can be a social media advocate in a conservative corporate culture. He compares the four ghosts in Pac Man to executives in your company: they are programmed to do the same, specific things and will only stay in their comfort zones. They all have their own level of excuse too, like it’s a waste of time or my team won’t actually use it. Ike’s slide tells me to “Use that ‘big dot moment’ to convert the ghost”. Love it.

Keeping social sexy: Marketing that cuts through the clutter by David Griner
When did “social media” become a bad word? Old school agency folks love to talk down about social media, and I personally think it’s because not only do they not understand it, but it threatens everything they know to be true about marketing. But outside of Twitter, Facebook, and maybe a corporate blog, there are a lot of folks doing social who are just keeping it inside that box. Dave highlights other campaign ideas such as Augmented Reality, social giveaways (think #squarespace!), and building a microsite in Tumblr. Interesting ideas all around.

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    Over here in Australia, “Social Media” is a new buzzword on the old media… the news channels are hyping it up like it’s the next big thing…

    Sure it’s not the next one. It’s the one. It’s now.

    Thanks for your post.