LinkedIn Marketing Arrives in Raven

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LinkedIn integration for easy management and consolidated reporting was our No. 1 request from customers last year — and for good reason. It’s the largest professional network with some impressive demographics.

Now, directly from Raven, you can promote and engage in conversations across LinkedIn, from personal profiles to company pages to groups. You can also report that activity to your clients and managers.

Raven Tools LinkedIn screenshot

LinkedIn is obviously important to marketers. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. That’s more than any other social network.

Percent of B2B marketers

Connecting the dots between social media marketing and results can be a challenge. That’s where social reporting tools come in handy.

Raven helps you in two ways. First, you can centralize your social media marketing and focus on one client at a time across multiple networks and channels. Second (and more importantly), you can quickly measure and report the effects of your social media marketing. Use Raven to report on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube — married with Google Analytics goals and social referrals — to prove the value of your work.

Add in Raven’s powerful brand monitoring and reporting, and you’ll start to see the value of Raven for your social media marketing campaigns.

Get more details and screenshots of LinkedIn in Raven here.

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  • That’s great. We just need Google+ integration now to make it a comprehensive social media tool.

    • We’re laying the groundwork for that too Paul! 🙂

  • ncompass

    John, Nate, so sad – to little too late… do you know I looked at my Raven Accounts and not a single (relevant) one had a LinkedIn Company Page! Shocking! On the down side, I’m not sure asking for clients personal LinkedIn Credentials is a good idea, but thankfully you’ve included access to Company Pages.

    On the upside – you’ve given inputus to get clients moving on their LinkedIn Company Profiles – although I’m not 100% sure of the value that will bring to most companies.

    Last Point (for now) – please don’t do the same with Google Plus, this is going to be a much more important integration and I suspect we needed it yesterday! I wonder what’s next?

    • Guy, (I cheated and pulled your name from your twitter account)

      Thanks for chiming in!

      We’ve gotten tons of feedback saying LinkedIn is really useful for marketing campaigns, but it won’t be helpful for all clients.

      It just may not make sense just as it’s not always smart to focus more energy on Facebook marketing than say email marketing, etc.

      We just want to strategically expand the available options for marketers so they have the flexibility to apply different strategies for different clients.

      Great point about personal and company accounts. I imagine lots of folks will just have clients make them a manager of a Linked company page so they can mange that through a personal account run by a firm.

      We know G+ is important to folks as well, especially since it’s not just a social network, but one that really ties into SEO. We’re laying the groundwork for G+ integration as well and hope to do some cool stuff with it in the future.


      • ncompass

        Hi – no worries about using my name, I do like the option for LinkedIn, I was just surprised that in my broad range of clients that so few were bothering with LinkedIn, it was an eye opener.

        It’s great that its there should we need it,

        • That is interesting! I’m excited to hear how much of an impact it will have on folks day-to-day work.

  • SEO Manager

    I totally agree with Paul McIntyre we just need Google+ integration!

    • That’s very much on our radar as well. Stay tuned! 🙂