New feature: Link Report rebooted for more control, filtering and focus

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It’s not often that you get to make a tool more advanced and more simple at the same time.

But that’s exactly what we’re doing today with the launch of a new, comprehensive Link Report module.

Before today, link reporting had been living a confusing life. Throughout the Report Wizard’s evolution, link options grew from one module to three: Summary, Detail and Paid Summary (visible only for campaigns that have paid links).

Each of the modules had options that users wished the other two modules had. In a perfect world the functionality of all three modules would be wrapped into one.  Now that perfect world is a reality.

One module, not three

We completely reengineered the link reporting modules into one cohesive module. Instead of this:

You’ll now see one consolidated Link Report module – with lots of possibilities.

Basic and advanced

We wanted to make the module simple enough for users who want to run basic reports, but flexible enough to provide advanced options for users who need more fine-grain reporting.

When you add the Link Report option in the Report Wizard it defaults to the basic view. Here, you can run the report as-is or add some additional filtering options.

If you click on Show for the Advanced Options, you can override the cover pages defaults, enable and filter by Monitoring and/or Paid Link (if applicable), and access even more additional features.

Here are the highlights of a few more new features I’m excited about.

New “Organize Link By” option

You can now specify the focus of the link report by selecting from the “Organize Links By” option. This will determine the type of data that’s displayed in the tables on the report.

Multi-select filtering

You can filter each data type by one or more options.

Link Monitor filtering

You can filter link reports using link monitoring data.

Paid Link Options

If you manage paid links, you can apply filtering options in the advanced settings of the module.

New table controls

You can now control the columns that appear in the tables and the order in which they appear.

Your reports won’t change

The new Link Report module introduces many more flexible filtering options, but it doesn’t change how your current reports look.

The only thing we’ve added – which is optional and can be turned off in the Advanced Settings – is a list of additional filter criteria on the report’s cover page.

All your existing reports, like scheduled reports, will still look and feel the same and report on the same data you’re used to seeing.

But with so many new link reporting options available now, I hope you’ll take a look around. Chances are you’ll find options to make your reports even more insightful. As always, let us know what you think!

  • Kevin

    Awesome… you guys are constantly improving your value!

    • Courtney Seiter

      Thanks, Kevin! Would love to hear your thoughts once you check it out. There’s so much filtering the options are nearly endless!

  • SEO Expert

    Great stuff! Looking forward to checking it out. Thank you for the constant improvements!

    • Courtney Seiter

      Thank you! Let us know what you think. 🙂