New Feature: New link monitoring options

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One of the most popular SEO tools in Raven is our link monitor. Last October we completely rewrote the link monitoring system to improve its overall performance—and to enable us to add features.

The link monitor used to provide limited options: to be alerted when the link textlink URL or mozRank changed or if nofollow was added or removed from the link.

We’re excited to announce several new monitoring options:

Custom frequency

You now can control the frequency of when links are checked. The new settings support the ability to check link records weekly, daily or monthly. Previously, you could only check link records monthly.

Choose link status

You can now choose exactly which link statuses you want checked. You can select from one or more of the Requested, Active and Inactive statuses. Previously, the system would automatically check for changes to all of those statuses.

Number of links on page

We’ve had numerous requests to monitor and report on the addition and subtraction of links that appear on a page. The link monitor now provides the option to check the link sum of each page, and it will alert you if there’s a significant change in the addition or subtraction of links.

Custom thresholds

You can now specify custom alert thresholds for changes in mozRank, Page Authority and the number of links on a page.

Link Monitor Settings

New Link Monitoring Settings

To find and adjust the new link monitoring settings, click the “Link Alerts” link at the bottom of the Link Manager.

link manager settings

  • When I change the status of a link to ‘Requested’, and the link is found in the next check of Raven, will the status automatically be set to ‘Active’?

  • Jon Henshaw

    Yes, when the link monitor discovers a link with the “Requested” status that has gone live, it will automatically change the status to “Active” and notify you.

  • Where can I find the ‘Link Monitoring Settings’ screen?

  • Jon Henshaw

    At the bottom of the Link Manager page.