New Feature: Link Manager gets new look, search options and Summary Bar

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When we released Raven’s new Link Records recently, we promised you improvements to the Link Manager.

Today, we’re releasing a new Link Record Table and Summary Bar for Raven’s popular Link Manager tool. The new Link Record table consolidates all of the filtering and display options into one area, and adds filter sets and new display items. The Summary Bar provides quick stats on active and inactive links, and also links assigned to your own user account.

If this looks very familiar, it’s because it’s similar to the filtering and display options on Raven’s new Contact Relationship Manager (CRM).

Here are more details about the changes.

Link Record Table changes

This is a screenshot of the old Link Manager page. As you can see, the search, filtering and display options were disconnected from the table, and the filtering options were limited to one option per select menu.

This is what the new Link Manager page looks like. In this screenshot you can see that the search and display options are integrated directly into the table.

Search All

In the new table view, we moved the Bulk Actions select menu to the right and put the search input field in its place. The search all input field is perfect for quickly searching all of your search records. We also added an “X” for reseting your search.

Filter Sets

When it comes to searching for particular links, though, the addition of filter sets is the most powerful change to the new table view. It replaces the very limited select menus with a much more robust filtering tool. While there are virtually unlimited filtering possibilities with the new filter sets, I’m going to focus on showing how to do the same type of filtering you were able to do with the old select menus.

For each example, you will need to click on the gear menu icon located on the top right corner of the table, and then click on Create New Filter Set to create a new filter set.

Filter by Link Status

Select the Link Status option in the first select menu, and then select the status you want to filter by.

Filter by Link Types

Select the Link Types option in the first select menu, and then select the type you want to filter by.

Filter by Website Type

Select the Website Types option in the first select menu, and then select the type you want to filter by.

Filter by User

Select the User option in the first select menu, and then select the user you want to filter by.

Complex Filters

Filter sets allow you to add multiple filter criteria. For example, you can specify a user, link type and status. If the Match All Filters button is selected, which it is by default, you will only see results that match all three criteria.

If you want to report on multiple criteria of the same type, such as multiple users or link statuses, click on the Match Any Filter toggle button. In this case, you will see results that many any of the criteria.

Saving Filter Sets

If you want to save any filter set for later use, click on the Save link that’s located on the far right side of the filter set. Then enter a name for it and save it.

You can access saved filter sets from the same gear menu you use to create filter sets.

Display Options

The Display Options menu—which controls which columns appear in the table view—has been moved from the top right of the page and placed directly on the table. This seemed to make a lot more sense to us. 😉

To change which columns are displayed in the table, click on the Display Options icon and check the columns you want displayed and uncheck the columns you want hidden.

New Display Metrics

The new table view now supports the ability to display SEOmoz metrics, including mozRank, mozTrust, Domain Authority and Page Authority. You’ll only see those metrics if you’ve turned on link monitoring for some or all of your link records.

Summary Bar

Similar to the CRM, we’ve added a Summary Bar that provides related stats for the Link Manager.

There are four main stats, which include:

  1. New Active (links active within the last 30 days)
  2. All Active Links
  3. All Inactive Links
  4. My Link Records (links assigned to you)

Clicking the number link for each stat will automatically filter the table view on the page. In the future, we plan to make the Summary Bar fully customizable. We want to give you the option to show and hide the bar, turn items on and off and allow you to reorder how they appear.

Please let us know what you think of the changes, either in the comments or with an email to