It’s Probably Twitter Spam If…

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  1. They just tweeted this: “RT @garymccaffrey has a crazy idea. 19,530 new twitter followers in 30 days? Check it out @username”

  2. Their profile links to a Squidoo page

  3. Their profile links to a landing page

  4. They’re following 4,000 people, but only 5 people follow them

  5. Their username is @lfdj383f3ml (how lazy can you be?)

  6. Their auto-follow reply message is already trying to sell you something

  7. They only have one tweet and it goes to a landing page

  8. Their username has a famous person’s name with at least one underscore after it

  9. Their profile image is smoking hot!

  • Online Fashion Shopping

    All those 9 sound like what spammers will do. Thanks for the list, i will definitely be alert to identify spammers. Hope to see your new updates soon!

  • chicago cardiovascular consultants

    Hey! what if we are smoking hot?! haha Number 4 is oh so common.

  • ChooseyBeggar

    its pretty simple 2 me. if they follow more than theyve tweeted theyre probably using a followbot. i dunno abt squidoo or landing pages, but i mainly use my fone and it doesnt work well with most links. if it isnt twitpic or someone i know, i probably wont bother clicking the links.

  • I totally agree, I have a slightly different take on this

  • I never follow unknown people on twitter. If I have subscribed to a blog and blogger has interesting posts, I might follow them. Otherwise, it just between friends !!

    Only if you had thought of another reason 😛 I would have dugg this story, top ten lists rock on digg 😀