Infographic: Skyrocket SEO’s ‘SEO Software Survey 2011’

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Today our friends over at Skyrocket SEO posted a really nice infographic we wanted to share with you.

It’s the result of the agency’s survey of 420 SEOs from around the globe, conducted to understand who uses what Internet marketing tools, and why.

SEO Software Survey 2011
SEO Software Survey 2011 infographic By Skyrocket SEO

We’re very happy to be represented! (P.S. Don’t forget – Raven incorporates data from both Majestic SEO and SEOmoz, among our many more partners and integrations.)

Meanwhile, Skyrocket founder James Agate has been pretty outspoken about the ways Raven Tools has made his life easier and recently posted a very thorough review of Raven Tools’ features as well.

But back to the survey: Some of the findings were very thought-provoking for us – particularly, that 77 percent of those surveyed said they chose their current software based on a recommendation from an industry peer.

We know Internet marketers are a chatty, opinionated bunch (our favorite kind!) and now seems like a good time to say a super sincere “thank you” to all of our customers who have so kindly shared great Raven experiences with us, helped to make our product better, or told a friend or peer about us. We really appreciate it!

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