How ZAGG does social media marketing

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Drew Conrad directs all of the social media commerce initiatives for mobile accessories retailer ZAGG, Inc. In 2011, generated nearly $1 million in revenue directly from social media traffic sources.

Before Drew takes the stage at SMX Social Media Marketing Dec. 5-6, we asked him to answer a few questions about how ZAGG does social media marketing.

Drew ConradWhat sort of personality does someone need to be great at social media?
I think you need an element of ADD. There’s a lot to stay on top of – pop culture, what’s going on in different industries. And curiosity. You want to be the first to know something, on the cutting edge, an early adopter. Someone interested in the news and how to spin that.

Who is the typical ZAGG fan or customer? How do you keep them in mind as you plan and strategize?
ZAGG fans are interested in mobile devices and mobile apps. They are tech-savvy and early adopters. As we plan content for our social channels, we focus on providing content that is interesting and ‘shareable’ to someone with this mentality.

What’s the blog philosophy at ZAGG?
The purpose of the blog is to drive revenue to We try to get at least 6 posts per day up. There is a correlation between getting people to the blog and revenue from the blog. Therefore, more traffic to the blog means more revenue.


Popular on the ZAGG blog: a post on the umbilical cord iPhone charger

When we went out to make the blog, we didn’t want to make it about ZAGG. A lot of our best posts are weird things, like an iPhone charger in the shape of an umbilical cord. One popular post today is about phone apps made for no other reason than telling people you’re rich – they don’t do anything.

Where do your content ideas come from?
I’m a big fan of getting ideas from TheFancy, and you can get so many cool ideas from Reddit. We know we’re not going to break any news here, but we don’t have to be breaking the news to be part of the conversation. We want to optimize for what people are talking about. I’m a huge fan of Buzzfeed and Business Insider. That’s what they’re intended to do, and they’re always on the cutting edge, knowing what people talk about.

ZAGG has had a lot of success with giveaways. How do you make sure they bring you the kind of loyal fans you’re looking for?
We have very strict ROI requirements for all internet marketing initiatives, including giveaways. ROI is closely monitored and if we are hitting our goals, we have flexibility with giveaway campaigns. So far, the giveaway campaigns have been extremely successful in bringing in new customers, establishing the brand, and driving revenue.

What’s your biggest social media success story?
Probably our iPad-an-hour giveaways. We started this on Black Friday 2011 and did it again on Memorial Day 2012. Another one is planned for Black Friday 2012. We give away 24 iPads over 24 hours. Each hour is a new chance to enter. To enter, participants submit their email address. For extra entries, participants can share on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It’s a ton of fun and drives a lot of social shares.

You consult and speak a fair amount. What’s the No. 1 question you get asked?
How do I get people to ‘Like’ my Facebook Page?

How do you answer that?
I usually tell them they shouldn’t even be focusing on Facebook. A lot of social media people look at it from the whole engagement, PR-focused side. I look at like: We’re in Internet marketing. I’m all about the ROI. So with Facebook, that piece should come later. Build your email list first. Figure out AdWords first. Let’s take a step back.

What trends have you been seeing in social media marketing?
Facebook in the past six months is something totally different than what it was a year ago. A lot of that has to do with it going public. But the new harsh reality is: if you want a post on Facebook to get traction, you’re going to have to pay for it. So optimize it and get the most out of every dollar you spend. And if you don’t have a budget, you’re going to have to determine whether Facebook is going to work for you. It’s a totally different game now.

Give us a quick preview of the takeaways for your “Blow Me Away Blogging” and “Customer Acquisition Through Social Media” sessions.

The blogging session will be a ZAGGblog case study and some content and distribution tips. The takeaway will be that interesting and shareable content should be your goal. If you do that, traffic and revenue will follow.

Customer acquisition will look at the role of social in the general internet marketing strategy. The goal of social should drive traffic, establish the brand, and move customers to subscribing to the email list and eventually making purchases.

Thanks, Drew! You can follow Drew on Twitter at @DrewConrad and check out the ZAGGblog, too. Tickets to SMX Social Media Marketing are still available – Raven will be there, too!