How To Protect Your Privacy On Facebook (Screencast)

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If you’re like me, you’ve been experiencing an influx of new friend requests on Facebook. Some of them are old friends from school or from places you used to live, while others are from people you barely know. If you’re experienced with social networks, then you know that sometimes it’s best to even allow people you barely know into your account — they can lead to new networking opportunities and other future relationships. It can also be easier and less awkward to accept a friendship request from an old friend you don’t even care for, then to try to ignore them completely.

However, the problem with accepting friendship requests from people you don’t really want to share details of your life with, is that by default, they get full access to your Facebook profile. Fortunately, Facebook does provide an excellent way to control your profile’s privacy. Through the use of Friend Lists, you can easily manage all of your friends and control what they can and can’t see. Here’s a screencast I created that provides a step-by-step way to control your privacy on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Settings Screencast