How to Find Website Competitors Using Raven

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Say you have a client who wants to know how their site is stacking up against the competition.

What if your client doesn’t really know who the competition is? That’s where a little digging by you – and Raven – comes in.

Let’s look at an example. My friend Evan recently started Boomer’s Groomer, a mobile dog grooming service in my neighborhood named after Evan’s dog, Boomer.

boomers groomer

OK, stop aww-ing. It’s time to squash the competition.

How does Evan find out who his competition is in the mobile grooming marketplace? It’s all about figuring out the keywords that are drawing people to his site and following that trail to locate similar sites. Here’s how to find website competitors using Raven’s powerful website and keyword SEO tools.

1. Find your keywords

First, we’ll plug the site’s URL into Research > Research Central. (Or, plug in a specific page that describes the site, like an about page.)

1 - research central

You’ll find all sorts of great information about the health and strength of a website here. Since we want to focus on keywords, we’ll click the Keywords tab, which finds keywords based on how people are linking to this site. Our mission is to find a keyword that describes this website well.

2 - keywords

We’ll also want to look at the Semantic tab, which find keywords based on an analysis of the page’s content.

3 - semantic

2. Research your keywords

Once you find a relevant keyword, click Gear Icon > Research Keyword.

4 - research keyword

Click the Competitors tab once you’re in Keyword mode in Research Central and we’ll show you other websites that also have backlinks based on this keyword.

5 - competitors

Don’t be afraid to change or add to your search. For instance, I’m not going to stack up Evan’s website up to a competitor such as I want more local competitors, so I’ll add a city to the search.

6 - switch up keyword

3. Add your competitors

Once you begin to find competitors that are relevant, click Gear Icon > Add to Competitor Manager next to them.

7 - add competitor

Now each competitor will be stored in Raven’s Competitor Manager, where you can see competitor domain data at a glance and tag competitors for categorization and reporting.

4. Compare site to competitors

The final step? See how you stack up against your newly discovered competitors. Raven’s also got a great tool for that: Site Performance. View the health of your client’s site against competitors on 20+ metrics by navigating to Campaign > Site Performance.

Use the menus to the right to select which competitor data to pull in, or add a brand-new one.

8 - site performance

Now I have a way of setting some well-reasoned goals about where I want to take this website. Want to go even deeper into competitor analysis? Download our SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist.

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